3 Wilton modeling tools

This set of three double-headed tools makes working with sugar paste and gum paste even easier.

They allow you to model and create details and patterns with precision. This set contains a "ball" tool, a "quilting" tool for a stitching effect and a "knife/needle" tool.

The "ball" tool has a ball on each side: a large one and a smaller one. This tool is used to make frills (rufflette). It can also be used to make wavy edges to flower petals and ribbons.

The "roulette" tip of the quilting tool allows you to make sewing stitches and the other curved tip tip allows you to make or reinforce lines such as those for a quilted effect.

The “knife/needle” tool has a blade on one side and a point on the other. The blade is used to cut and cut out small decorations. The tip is used for stitching patterns, for example.

Contains: 3 tools.

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Features 3 Wilton modeling tools

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