Mango fruit puree 1kg

Mango puree composed of 90% of the fruit and only 10% sugar, it is made from selected fruits picked when ripe and prepared according to a natural recipe: only fruit and very little added sugar.

The recipe followed is that of a gentle pasteurization process, which preserves the taste of the fruit as well as its color.

Presented in a rigid pack with a resealable cap, this puree is ready to use.

It can be used to make fruit mousse, Bavarian cheese, desserts, sorbets, ice creams, charlottes, fruit jellies, coulis, toppings, cocktails, etc.

Content: 1 kg.

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Features Mango fruit puree 1kg

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Pulpe de mangue 90%, sucre 10%.

Valeur nutritive moyenne pour 100gr
Energie411.1 Kj - 97 Kcal
Lipides0.2 gr
 Acides gras saturés0.1 gr
 Acides gras mono insaturés 0.1 gr
 Acides gras poly insaturés0 gr
Glucides22.2 gr
 dont sucres21.7 gr
 dont amidon                   0.3 gr                       
Fibres alimentaires1.6 gr 
Protéines                                0.6 gr    
Humidité74.8 gr     
Sodium                                   2 mg                     
Cendres0.4 gr
Sel                                                       0.1 gr

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