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FunCakes, specialist in cake design

Funcakes is a brand dedicated to cake design and pastry. You will find in this brand all the essentials of creative pastry including funcakes sugar paste in a very large choice of colors, as well as almond paste.

You will also find all kinds of decorations: cupcake boxes, sprinkles , decorative melts,

As an official reseller we offer you a wide choice of Funcakes products:

FunCakes cake mixes

FunCakes is well known for its delicious cake preparations: its buttercream and enchanted cream mixes, its cake icings... Thanks to them, cake designers and pastry chefs can save precious time, in fact all it takes is a little of water or milk and a few minutes in an electric mixer to use it and thus obtain a creamy and tasty preparation. Find all these preparations on our site!

We also sell preparations of icing, Bavarian, gum etc. from the Funcakes brand and all ready to use!

Funcakes sugar paste

On our site we offer you all types of sugar paste, and also all types of brands. Funcakes is one of them, we offer you more than 10 types of sugar paste from the Funcakes brand. You will find it in colored rolls, in loaves of 250g to 5kg and also in pre-rolled format.

Funcakes sugar decorations

Funcakes also provides ready-made cake decorations ! Like sugar subjects under different themes: Christmas, flowers, Easter, pirates, Halloween and many others! These decorations generally come in packs of 12 to 16 subjects, you have mismatched or similar ones. They are perfect for dressing a cake without tiring out modeling.

Funcakes pastry boxes

When your cake is finished, wrap it nicely with one of Funcakes cake boxes! In addition to being beautifully decorated, they also serve as protection for your pastry.

Also discover another famous cake design brand: Wilton .