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Sweet Stamp


Sweet Stamp, specialist in letter and number embosser sets

Sweet Stamp is a brand that creates cake design items based in Ireland , mainly specialized in the production of embossers, they are recognized for their thirst for innovation and the high quality of their product which lasts a long time without getting damaged.

We also find at Sweet stamp a whole range of utensils for decorating cakes: stencils, pastry utensils... They have also developed a complete range of powder, colorings and edible sprinkles as well as cake molds like the magnum cake!

Sweet Stamp brand products

On our website Autourdugâ we offer you a large number of embossers from the Sweet Stamp brand.

The Sweet Stamps kits will allow you to create pretty words or sentences with delicate, refined and chic writing on sugar paste. You will find mixed plates with letters and numbers or either plates only with letters or only with numbers. These Sweet Stamp utensils can be used, for example, to write a first name on a cakeboard covered with sugar paste.

But you can also use them to create decorations on cookies previously covered with sugar paste!

The Sweet Stam p brand also offers molds for magnum cakes in varied and original shapes. Find molds in the shape of a chocolate bar or even origami for unusual cakes. In addition, the molds are suitable for cooking in the oven, freezing and washing in the dishwasher.

Buy product Sweet Stamp

If you want to buy Sweet Stamp brand products you are in the right place, although they have a site for their products, Autorudugâ is an official reseller of the Irish Cakdesign brand. Our Sweet Stamp products are therefore authentic and at a very affordable price.