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The leading cake design brand in the United States is available at Autourdugâ!

We offer you this famous brand of creative pastry equipment and ingredients at the best price and with an impressive variety of products.

You will find non-stick pastry rollers, cake molds, sugar and chocolate decorations, silicone molds, nozzles, modeling tools, displays, colorants, and, in short, everything you need for baking created by Wilton.

On each of the brand's products, you will find tips for use and presentation, to easily make colorful pastries and cake designs!


Wilton, specialist in cake design and pastry equipment

Wilton is a brand straight from the United States specializing in cake design and pastry equipment. It offers a wide choice of products for both novices and cake design specialists. You will find all the elements necessary to make your most beautiful cakes!

The variety is immense: Wilton cake mold, Wilton cupcake cases, pastry utensils, Wilton cake design materials, Wilton food colorings, food flavors, modeling tools for sugar paste, Wilton nozzle, display or even cake box, tray and kitchen mat, candle, Wilton cookie cutter... Find everything for cake decoration at low prices.

Wilton cake design equipment

Wilton of course offers all the essentials of cake design such as piping bags and nozzles with a wide choice of products to vary the pleasures and personalize your creations. You will also find numerous modeling tools to work with your sugar paste and model your decorations.

In addition, the numerous cookie cutters and molds will allow you to create your pastries according to occasions such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter. Always of quality, these pastry utensils will last over time.

Wilton decorations and displays for cake design

What would a designer cake be without its splendid decoration and majestic presentation? Wilton has thought of everything, so you can obviously get cake decorations for all parties, but also cake displays, cake boxes and even trays. In the decorations, you will find the classic Wilton boxes, sugar or plastic decorations, bags for confectionery, and other figurines from the Wilton brand!

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