Paw Patrol cake decoration

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Birthday Decoration and Paw Patrol Cake

Do you know Paw Patrol? Surely you have seen your children in ecstasy in front of this team of dogs led by nine-year-old Ryder, followed by Chase, Marcus, Zuma, Ruben, Rocky, Stella, Everest, Tracker, Rider... Does your child absolutely want a Paw Patrol cake for their birthday? Look no further, you will find everything you need to decorate it in this category.

You will also find in this category the different decorations necessary to dress up your birthday room with all of Paw Patrol's friends: balloons, garlands, tablecloths, tableware, napkins, and much more. Make way for Paw Patrol decoration, you will find a wide selection of accessories and decorations for a birthday cake with the Paw Patrol theme!

Paw Patrol cake decoration

Make a Paw Patrol cake

Before you can decorate a Paw Patrol cake you must prepare it, you have several solutions for this, use a dummy cake or a cake mold on the Paw Patrol theme, or make a layer cake that you will then decorate.

If you want to create the Paw Patrol tower, use the patrol tower dummy , it is a polystyrene tower that must be covered with colored sugar paste in order to recreate the gang's headquarters. This is a complex Paw Patrol cake decoration to make so consider having it made by a professional cake designer.

The second cake consists of the creation of Chase's head from Paw Patrol . To do this, you will need to prepare several round sponge cakes and cut them out in the shape of Chase's head pattern or in the shape of Stella's head pattern. Then you have to cover it with butter cream, then with sugar paste and carry out different facial massages.

Finally, you can also make a layer cake and then decorate it in Paw Patrol colors . This is the simplest solution because you only need Paw Patrol cake decorations to make it. Simply cover your sponge cake with blue or pink buttercream or sugar paste and start decorating.

You can decorate it with edible Paw Patrol decorations , such as sugar discs of different sizes and bearing the image of different characters. Also available in a printed sugar leaf version, customizable with a photo or text.

There are round photos to place on your cake with your child's favorite photo but there are also cake outlines to personalize with your child's first name. The edible photo is a successful Paw Patrol birthday and above all a simple Paw Patrol cake to make.

There are also non-edible Paw Patrol decorations. For example, place Paw Patrol figurines of different characters on top of the cake. Also use a cake topper in the shape of a crest, simply write your child's first name and age to personalize the Paw Patrol cake decoration as much as possible.

Paw Patrol birthday candles

What would a birthday be without candles? Find the centerpiece of the Paw Patrol cake decoration on our site. We offer several choices of candles depending on your child's preferences. Whether his favorite character is Chase, Stella, or if he wants to have the whole gang of canine firefighters, we have the Paw Patrol candle you need.

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Decorate a Paw Patrol themed birthday

Heading to the world of Paw Patrol for a memorable children's birthday!

A successful birthday party for a Paw Patrol fan, thanks to all our decorations sold at the best price on Autourdugâ!

Paw Patrol birthday decorations

A birthday theme full of adventure thanks to a decoration featuring PAW Patrol characters for a successful party! Discover our Paw Patrol birthday decoration!

Use our range of Paw Patrol disposable tableware for the birthday. Find our complete range of plates, napkins, cups, and more featuring the different characters from the band, find your favorites! We have several models that are sure to delight your children.

Do you need a tablecloth to decorate the Paw Patrol birthday? Perfect, we’ll make it easier for you! At Autour du Gâteau you will find different tablecloths in Paw Patrol colors but you will also find table confetti with Paw Patrol characters, or even confetti in the shape of dog paws, stars and bones!

Paw Patrol decorations

Before the birthday day send one of our cute Paw Patrol invitations to all the guests. You can then move on to decorating the birthday room using the colors and characters of Paw Patrol. Balloons, garlands of pennants and banners, suspensions but also giant balloons bearing the image of the Paw Patrol gang are in the spotlight.

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