Halloween cake decoration

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Cake decorations for Halloween

Find everything you need in this category to decorate a Halloween cake, whether you want to make a number cake, layer cake, or cupcake for Halloween, you are in the right place to get utensils, decorations, and materials!

For example, use one of our mirror glazes to add color to your Halloween shortbread cookies, then sprinkle them with black or orange sprinkles.

You can also use gel food coloring to color your buttercream in green, orange, and black and use it to make your layered cake.

Of course, you will also find in this category witch cupcake liners, candies, pumpkin cake molds, ghost cookie cutters, bat sprinkles, and more.

Halloween cake decoration

Halloween cake decoration

Halloween is a very celebrated holiday in France these days, so plan a dessert accordingly that you can decorate with all the Halloween cake decorations in this category.

Find a wide choice of decorations for Halloween at Autour du cake. Whether for your cake or decorating your interior, discover a wide choice of cake and table decorations for a devilish party.

Decoration for your little Halloween pastries

Find all our decorations to create a dazzling and terrifying sweet table for Halloween ! Around the Cake offers many baking accessories and edible Halloween decorations .

You will find the classic decorations in sugar, sugar paste, sprinkles and nothing more to enhance your special Halloween cake.

Among our wide selection, find edible sugar decorations, red, orange or green sugar pearls, Happy Halloween cake toppers. Everything is there, all you have to do is make your choice to make your Halloween cake terrifying.

If you want to personalize your cake, you can opt for our edible Halloween photos to personalize with the photo of your choice. Wear your best costumes, take a photo of yourself and place it directly on your cake, or put a picture of a brain that you will place on the cake to make it terrifying.

Equipment to prepare a Halloween cake

In addition to finding something to decorate your cake, you can also buy baking utensils to prepare your Halloween-themed cake!

Among our wide selection, find a Halloween mold in the shape of a skull or even in the shape of a pumpkin for example, a witch hat, ghost or coffin cookie cutter, you will also find Halloween cupcake cases!

You will also find pastry tips to make decorations on your cake, a bit like a horror wedding!

Halloween Cake Decorating Idea

Here are some ideas for decorating your Halloween cake with our products.

With orange, green or black sugar paste from SilkTop, cover a round cake and using white sugar paste, form small maggots, or teeth or even bones, which you will place on the cake. You can also imitate a brain with pink sugar paste that must be reduced into several sausages.

You can also make a Halloween-themed cake in the shape of a pumpkin, using a sphere mold and orange sugar paste. You can then fill it with Halloween candy for a surprise cake effect!

For an even scarier Halloween cake decoration , opt for a fake blood effect, either by using raspberry or strawberry coulis, or with red fruit puree.

To decorate the Halloween cupcakes, opt for a black or orange topping and place big googly eyes on them or edible Halloween decorations.

Shortbread cookies are also a very good idea to add deliciousness to your Halloween table . In fact, it's a simple recipe to make and it only requires a few Halloween cookie cutters to cut out shapes typical of this holiday: pumpkin, bat, skull and many others. For the more talented among you, add colored royal icing to the top of the cookies once they come out of the oven to give them consistency.

Decoration for a Halloween party

To make the party even more beautiful, why not decorate your table or your interior with Halloween decorations . Witch and cat balloons, pirate balloons, black or red pompom pendants, a pirate tablecloth, pirate plates and other disposable tableware. Bring a spooky touch to your interior to delight young and old.

Place fake spider webs on the wall, black sheets on the table, on which you will place vampire tooth or gelly spider candies.