Cake Pop Decorations

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Cake Pop Decorations

Decorations for Cakepops

Cake pops are pastry lollipops made with cake balls covered with icing and small special cake pop decorations.

These festive and colorful cakepops are the ideal little pastries to let your creativity run wild.

You can decorate them endlessly using food coloring and sprinkles.

To cover your cake pops, you can cover them with icing or chocolate.

To add a touch of color and more pep to your lollipops you can color them using food coloring. For the icing use a gel or liquid coloring, but if you want to color your Candy Melts or white chocolate, use a fat-soluble coloring.

Then all you have to do is give way to your imagination and use sugar decorations to sprinkle, also called sprinkles.

Mini sugar pearl

Mini balls made from edible sugar, perfect for adding a festive touch to your cake pops.

You will find them in all colors, blue, red, green, pink or even multi-colored.

This wide variety of colors will allow you to match them to your theme and create a magnificent Sweet table.

Sugar vermicelli

Similar to sugar pearls, the vermicelli will differ in their elongated shape. You will often find them in a mix of colors for a multi-colored decor.

Sugar confetti

For a birthday, make cake pops and sprinkle them with edible confetti for a festive decoration. In various shapes and colors, you can use them for all your occasions!

Sugar crystals

For a more original decoration of your cake pops, opt for our colored sugar crystals. Their very particular shape which reflects the light and catches the eye will make your cake pops the stars of the event. So, in this section, you will find all the decoration essentials for your cakepops.

All our sprinkles are ready to use and packaged in pouring pots for quick and easy use.

Don't waste any more time making your own cake pop decorations and impress those around you by making beautiful and delicious cake pops.