Food lace & accessories

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Food lace & accessories

Make edible lace easily

Discover a wide selection of materials and ingredients to easily make edible lace on all your designer cakes. Mat, mold, utensils, dough mix, sugar... Everything is there to enhance your cakes, cake design and wedding cake...

Lace food cake

The edible lace in the cake design gives elegance to your cakes and pastries. Also very popular in weeding cakes, you will find everything you need to make edible lace to decorate your cake: lace paste, lace spatula or even lace knife...

Lace sugar for cake & accessories

Make edible lace to give elegance to your pastries and designer cakes using our white lace paste, which can be colored or not with our gel food colorings.

Cake lace accessories

To make fine and elegant lace, you will find our lace molds and lace mats mainly from the Cake Lace brand, but also Pavoni, Silikomart... lace specialists in the field of cake design. Silicone mats will allow you to make all sorts of different patterns and shapes.