Materials for Cakepops

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Materials for Cakepops

Find all our materials and decorations to make the most beautiful pop cakes.

From making to presentation and decorating, find everything you need to make the best cakepops.

Cakepop mold

Cake pop molds are the first utensils to have in your kitchen.

For traditional cake pops, use our round silicone cake pop molds to obtain a smooth and regular sphere. However, you can also choose to give them a slightly more original shape for an event by using shaped molds (tree, chocolate bar, cones, etc.).

Cake pop stick

The second essential element for making cake pop is the stick. Usually made of wood, the cake pop stick is essential. Indeed, you can find colorful ones, with glitter or even patterns to personalize your cakepops according to your desires. You will find them in various sizes and thicknesses to adapt to all your creations.

Candy Melts

These little melting guns will be your allies to create the cover of your cake pops. Simply melt them in a bain-marie or in the microwave to obtain a smooth and even texture. To finish, all you have to do is dip your cake pops into the melted mixture to obtain a nice glaze. For colored lollipops, choose our candy melts from 14 colors or color the white lollipops using our fat-soluble dyes.

Cake pop decorations

Using our fat-soluble food colorings and sprinkles, make the most beautiful cakepops. Bring color with our multicolored confetti or our edible sugar decorations (mini pearls, sugar crystals, sprinkles, etc.).

Cake pop displays

You are preparing for an event that is close to your heart and you have made some magnificent cake pops. The only problem is you don't know how to arrange them on your table to make a pretty presentation. We have what you need ! Our cake pop displays will be perfect for setting up your Sweet table. Made from polystyrene, you can easily plant your cake pop sticks inside. Quickly find on our site the perfect shape that will be in harmony with your table

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