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Cookie cutters: an essential tool in pastry making

A cookie cutter or biscuit cutter is a kitchen tool used to cut shapes in cookie dough before baking, but also in sugar paste or marzipan. It is usually made of metal or plastic and can have different shapes to create cookies of various sizes and patterns. Cookie cutters can be simple or sophisticated and are used to make your cookies unforgettable.

Pastry cutters on all themes are available at the best price in this category: round, heart, butterfly, star, animals, Halloween, Christmas, ice cream... For each theme, there is a corresponding cookie cutter!

At Autourdugâteau, we offer a wide selection of cookie cutters for sale.

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The different types of cookie cutters

The cookie cutter is one of the pastry utensils most used by professionals and cooking enthusiasts. It is even essential when you want to do creative baking. It allows you to precisely cut cake dough, often shortbread dough, into a desired shape.

We offer a selection of excellent quality pastry cutters at low prices. Find hundreds of shapes that will allow you to make magnificent shortbread. More than 230 cookie cutters available on Autour du cake! The cookie cutter for shortbread or classic biscuits is an essential to have in your baking cupboard.

But with the multitude of shapes offered, you can quickly get lost in choosing your cookie cutter. We also suggest that you review the different types of cookie cutters :

Cookie cutters

These are the oldest pastry utensils, they were already found in Egypt made of wood or ceramic, that's how old they are!

Today they have evolved a little but their function remains the same, to draw a shape in the cake batter in order to make a decorated cookie.

The ideal cookie cutters for cutting shortbread cookies are those made of stainless steel or metal. They allow clean and precise cutting. Very durable and cost-effective, you can reuse these cookie cutters several times and keep them for a long time.

The most classic shapes are those of Christmas or Easter, such as the tree, the gingerbread man or the rabbit.

They are generally used for biscuits but can also be used for salt dough or any other cake dough.

Discover all our cookie recipes on our blog.

The sugar paste cookie cutter

The sugar paste cookie cutter is also called a dough cutter or cutter. Usually made of plastic, it allows you to perfectly cut your sugar paste into pretty patterns. It can also cut chocolate paste and almond paste.

You can choose classic stainless steel cookie cutters which will also work for sugar paste.

But there is a type of cookie cutter that is even more suitable for making small patterns on sugar paste. This one is the cookie cutter with pusher or ejector. It particularly facilitates the unmolding of your sugar paste decorations such as stars, flowers or butterflies. It is highly appreciated by cake designers for its ease of use and durability.

This type of cookie cutter can also be used to simply place an imprint on a cake covered with sugar paste. Just press lightly to only mark the dough and not cut it, so you get patterns very easily.

Patchwork cookie cutters

Patchwork is a technique that assembles several similar elements. We often use this term in sewing but we also find it in pastry making.

Patchwork cookie cutters make it very easy to create decorations on the same theme. Can be used on sugar paste or cake batter, so you can make magnificent and matching cakes.

We offer several themes such as horse riding, the alphabet, music, the city and many others!

Shapes of cookie cutters

Classic shapes: Square, round, triangle, oval, star cookie cutters, etc.

Animals: lion, cat, dog, dinosaur, turtle, giraffe, dolphin etc.

Themes: cookie cutter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter etc.

On the city: With cookie cutters of cars, sneakers, buildings, houses.

And many others that you need to discover! Simply use the filter system on the left side of the site.

The material of cookie cutters

The cookie cutter is generally made of plastic or metal.

Metal cutters are the most classic, they are very resistant and allow good cutting.

Plastic cutters are just as durable over time and allow a greater variety of shapes, but they cannot be used in the oven or the dishwasher.

How to use your cookie cutter?

The cookie cutter is one of the simplest pastry utensils to use. But you need to know a few little techniques that will save you time and allow you to make your shortbreads a success for sure!

Here are some techniques for using your cookie cutters properly:

- Let the dough rest in the fridge for an hour before cutting out your shapes. This will allow the dough to set well.

- Always wash your cookie cutters well ! You don't want dough residue from previous baking to mar the shape of your cookie. You can put them in the dishwasher.

- Always grease your cookie cutters before cutting . This will make it easier to remove your small mold from the dough.

Decorate your cookie cutter cookies

With a cookie cutter you can cut out magnificent shapes on your little cakes. When they are ready and come out of the oven, let them rest and cool for about an hour.

You can then decorate them with sprinkles or royal icing. To do this, pipe your icing and apply a first white layer, then draw on it with colored icing or with a food-safe marker. You will be able to create the veins of leaves, the joints of unicorn horns, the eyes of a pink flamingo or any other animal. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to decorating and shaping your cookies!

Where to buy cookie cutters?

At Autourdugâteau.fr you will find all the cookie cutters you need, we sell all shapes and materials of cookie cutters at the best price to give you the widest possible choice. Always delivered super fast so you can enjoy your baking utensils as quickly as possible.