Football Birthday Decoration

 Football Birthday Decoration

Football themed birthday decoration

What could be better than making your child's dream come true by organizing a birthday party about their favorite sport? Many boys and girls play or love football. They will be delighted to have a complete football decoration for their birthday. You can prepare a football cake in the shape of a football or a cake based on the child's favorite sports club or even on their favorite player.

We offer you all the utensils and decorations to have a successful football birthday party. Thanks to our baking equipment and our sugar decorations, you will be able to make a magnificent football cake as well as a splendid decoration for cheap. Don't wait any longer to choose your football birthday decorations on our site!

Football table decorations

Is your child a football fan? So organize him a football birthday worthy of the greatest football players!

Start with decorating your table, it is the main element of the room and where the players will sit. Color it on the football theme with our disposable tableware: tablecloths, cups, plates and napkins all on the football theme and to be distributed on the birthday table. You can also place soccer ball-shaped confetti all over the table.

Football decorations

Create an imitation of the largest French or foreign football stadiums with your decoration!

To do this, decorate your room with a balloon arch in the color of your favorite club or country or stick to the football colors: green for the grass, white and black for the ball, and gold for the trophy!

If you have small cages and footballs, place them in the football birthday decoration for total immersion.

With scarves, jerseys or even flags you can recreate the atmosphere of a real supporters club.

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Football cake decorations

The Football buffet

Make everyone happy by making little treats on a football birthday theme!

Very trendy and to accompany your birthday cake make shortbread, using our numerous cookie cutters you can create different shapes on the football theme: balloons, jerseys, cages, trophies and many others. You can then decorate them with sugar paste or royal icing.

You can also use different tips to decorate cupcakes like a football field or a locker room. Our football boxes will perfectly complete the decoration of these individual pastries.

Place treats such as candy, popcorn or chewing gum in the shape of a football in the football popcorn boxes.

Finally you can make your own chocolates with the silikomart football pattern mold.

Edible round balloon decorations

We have many sugar decorations on the football theme. For example, we have football fields in different formats printed on a sugar sheet. This would allow you to simply decorate a round or rectangular cake and transform it into a real football field cake by including football figurines for a more realistic effect.

Personalize your cake with our many edible photos! You can add the desired country!

Sprinkle your cake with sprinkles and give a grass effect with the sticks from SilkyTop.

Non-edible football decorations

Dare to personalize with the special football topper: write your child's age and first name on a jersey or in a football goal!

A souvenir that will remain memorable and reusable!

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Prepare a Football birthday cake.

Make a spectacular entrance with the arrival of the cake! Just blow out the candles!

There are many football cake ideas to make for a birthday!

Make a round cake with an edible photo of your child or their favorite player or club.

The famous number cake is a sensation by decorating with sugar figures and sprinkles!

Enter the field with the rectangular cake in the shape of a football field, just arrange the cages and figurines and the match can begin!

Football is nothing without a ball, so why not make a football half-sphere cake to get into the football birthday theme.

Finally, create a cake in the shape of a jersey with your child registered in their favorite club or country like the biggest stars!

Find the recipe for Football Jersey Cake on our blog.

You have all the ingredients to make this day a dream! Don't forget to thank your little players by bringing them special football gift bags!

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