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Pastas de chocolate

Rolled or Pre-Rolled Fondant, Specifically for Beginners

Fondant can be difficult to handle, especially when starting out in cake design, which is why it's wise to use pre-rolled fondant or rolled fondant to simplify the process of covering a cake!

Indeed, this ready-to-use fondant easily lays on a layered cake, and all you have to do is flatten and smooth the fondant properly.

Different sizes are available in this category, allowing you to easily cover cakes of various sizes. Various colors are also available to ensure a wide range of themes.

Pastas de chocolate

Working with the rolled sugar paste

Using rolled or pre-rolled sugar paste is child's play . Whether to cover your cake design or to cut out shapes with a cookie cutter, you will save a lot of time on your cake design work!

To cover a cake , all you have to do is take the sugar paste roll out of its cardboard packaging, unfold the roll and you get a perfect round. You will then have to place it correctly and delicately on top of your designer cake, smooth the dough and that's it!

For a perfect result and if you have the skills, use covering sugar paste .

To cut shapes with a cookie cutter or with an embosser, simply take the roll of sugar paste out of its cardboard, place it on the work surface and cut out shapes in it to obtain decorations. made from super simple sugar paste.