Pokemon birthday decoration

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Pokémon Birthday and Cake Decoration

Whether you're celebrating the birthday of a boy or a girl who's a Pokémon fan, this category is for you. With our Pokémon cake kits, you'll be able to easily make a colorful and delicious Pokémon-themed cake.

Decorating it is even easier thanks to our various Pokémon cake decorations: sprinkles, edible photos, toppers, and much more!

Speaking of decoration, don't forget about decorating your Pokémon birthday party room, because at Autourdugâteau.fr we've thought of everything! We have balloons, garlands, plates, cups, napkins, and much more to make this Pokémon birthday party unforgettable.

Pokemon birthday decoration

Bake a Pokemon Cake

Stroll the streets of Pallet Town alongside Sacha and Pikachu, and catch them all with our Pokemon birthday and cake decorations .

Thanks to the countless Pokemon cake decorations , you will be spoiled for choice when decorating your room and your birthday cake, so here are some ideas for using the products in this category:

Prepare a Pikachu cake : Decorate a cake in the shape of a Pikachu head, for this nothing could be simpler you need to create a layer cake in a round cake mold, then cover it with yellow sugar paste, then decorate it so that it he looks like Pikachu. To do this, make circles of red sugar paste for the cheeks, two black circles for the eyes and a pink oval for the mouth, then cut out ears from a sheet of yellow cardboard! Don't forget the little black tip of the ears for more resemblance.

Another variation is the pokéBall cake , even simpler than the Pikachu cake. All you have to do is use a spherical cake mold and create a ball, which you cover half with red sugar paste and the other with white. Mark the junction with a strip of black sugar paste and that's it for your Pokemon cake!

Use one of our many edible photo toppers to create an unforgettable Pokemon cake topper , you can opt for ready-made designs by directly embedding a photo into a pokeball. Or you can use one of our blank edible photos and place pokemon in it however you like.

Decorate your birthday room with Pokémon

To decorate your Pokemon table and birthday room , nothing could be simpler, you just need to have the right products. That's good because in this category you will find everything you need to make your birthday room a perfect copy of Bourg palette or Jadiel.

For the Pokemon birthday table , use plates, cups, tablecloths, napkins and Pokemon confetti, you can also use Pokéball or Pokemon figurines that you will place on the table to finalize the decoration.

To decorate around the table , use balloons, suspensions, garlands on the theme of Pokémon, you will find the whole Sasha team drawn on them: Pikachu, salameche, bulbizar, squirtle. Then if you have giant stuffed animals, place them all around the table and in the four corners of the room!