Red Birthday Decorations

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Red Birthday Decorations

Decoration for a red birthday

The red color is perfect for decorating a birthday , but be careful not to bring a bull to the party otherwise it will no longer be able to give head.

Red is a color synonymous with strength, power, and energy without forgetting of course love.

We also offer you in this category everything you need to make a flamboyant red birthday decoration .

You will find something to decorate your birthday table in red : napkins, tablecloths, cups, plates, and others to dress up the place where you are going to eat. Also place some red candies on the table to complete the red decoration : strawberry tagada, fries, cart...

Also hang one of our many red balloons on the walls or chairs to create a real balloon forest for your red birthday. Add small red details such as ribbons on the chairs, red flowers in the vases, red confetti on the tables or personalized red tags for guests.

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Red cake decoration

Autourdugâ also specializes in cake decoration, so it makes sense that you find everything you need to decorate your cake with red.

Decorating your red cake can be done in several ways: with red balls and sprinkles, sugar roses, coloring or red sugar paste...

Opt for an eccentric cake mold like a heart-shaped mold or a silikomart mold for example. Then cover it with red icing.

You can also opt for a red velvet cake recipe! To prepare it, make a sponge cake that you color red with food coloring. Cut the sponge cake into 4 equal slices, then you will need to garnish the inside of the slices with icing, then the outside. Finally, with a little red breadcrumbs, cover the icing. This is a very simple red birthday cake recipe.

All you have to do is plant the red candles on the cake and you are ready to celebrate your red birthday!

In short, you will find in this category everything you need to decorate your red birthday.