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Balloon Bouquets

Balloon bouquet category

Are you looking for the best balloon bouquet for a party? Find our different bouquets of balloons in our category to make your event unforgettable!

By ordering on our website, we guarantee rapid delivery of your balloon bouquets, within 24/48 hours for any order placed before 2:00 p.m. Your satisfaction remains our priority, which is why the balloon bouquets are of very good quality and at competitive prices.

Balloon bouquet for all occasions

Find our different balloon bouquets on Autour du Gâteau to effectively decorate your party room with our pretty balloon bouquets.

The balloon bouquet can be used for all occasions! Use it for your birthday, your wedding, your baptism, your baby shower, your going away drink or even to celebrate the new year!

On Autour du Gâteau we offer you all the essentials to decorate your party room! We offer you a varied range of balloon bouquets. For patterned balloon bouquets you can find birthday patterns with different colors, polka dot balloon bouquets, unicorn bouquets, baby shower balloon bouquets or even number balloon bouquets. For a more sober side, opt for our plain balloon bouquets and our confetti balloon bouquets.

Easily combine your balloon bouquets with other balloons! All colors are allowed if you have a festive theme, just add them together with a little thread.

Also opt for our number foil balloons for a successful party! Choose the numbers for your birthday, wedding date, wedding date and associate them with a bouquet of balloons.

How do I use balloon bouquets for my event?

What would a party be without balloons? The balloon bouquet is the ideal decoration for an unforgettable party!

Choose your favorite balloon bouquet from our range of products then place it in your reception room. Several options are available to you to decorate your party: you can use string to hang the balloons together and we advise you to inflate the balloon bouquets using a helium tank if you opt for this solution . Inflating them with helium will be very useful for efficiently arranging your bouquets for a successful result. Be careful not to inflate them too much or you risk causing them to burst!

Helium can be dangerous to your health, so it is not recommended to inhale it.

You can also use balloon support columns to hang the balloons on this support so that they stay in place and the bouquet of balloons gives a beautiful result. With this solution you do not have to use a helium tank! However, given the quantity of balloons to inflate, we advise you to use our balloon pump so as not to run out of breath.

For a successful decoration you must give free rein to your imagination! If you wish, you can place different bouquets of balloons around the buffet or the place where the cocktail will be held. Alternatively, you can complement them with a balloon arch to get a photocall spot for your party. This type of decoration with bouquets of balloons will make a splash in your souvenir photos!

Discover our romantic balloons in the wedding balloons category.

What should I do with my balloon bouquets and my helium tank once used?

Once your event is over, simply squeeze the air out of your balloons before throwing them in the trash. If you used foil balloons, know that they are reusable so you just need to take the air out to store them and reuse them next time.

Concerning your helium tank, it is important to take it to the nearest recycling center in order to guarantee optimal recycling. If you haven't used it all, you can reuse it for other occasions! Helium does not expire so you will just need to close the tap tightly after each use.