Sugar paste mat

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Sugar paste mat

Mat for working with sugar paste

In cake design, sugar paste is essential, to ensure you work with it correctly, a mat specially designed for working with sugar paste is strongly recommended.

The sugar paste mat is designed to provide a flat, smooth surface on which you can spread the sugar paste, cut it and shape it. The mat also has lines and measurements to allow you more precision.

Why use a sugar paste mat?

When you spread your sugar paste on your work surface, it may stick. The mat has a non-stick surface to allow you to roll out your dough easily and without sticking. The back of the mat is usually non-slip, or they are also sold with a non-slip plate, which gives you super stability when working.

To facilitate the use of flower paste . There are mats for special flower modeling sugar paste. They have slots to make it easier to hold and shape your flowers, with grooves and places for floral wires.

Finally, special modeling foam mats will make your life easier when you use modeling sugar paste . They provide you with a rigid support to use your modeling utensils.