Baby Shower Cake Decoration

Baby Shower Cake Decoration

Cake decoration for a baby shower

Baby Showers are becoming more and more common in France, directly imported from the United States, it can be translated as “baby shower”. You will agree that this doesn't mean much literally, we're talking more about a baby shower. It was also found under the word gender reveal.

It's a party that takes place before the end of the pregnancy to bring together family and friends to announce the sex of the future baby. But who says party also says cake! Find in this category everything you need to decorate your baby shower cake.

Find the recipe for gender reveal cupcakes on our blog.

Edible Baby Shower Decorations

What's better than blue and pink cupcakes on a cupcake stand to announce the baby's gender at the baby shower?

You will find countless edible decorations on our site to decorate your gender reveal cake. Sugar flowers of different colors, sugar subjects, but also what to make them in sugar paste with modeling molds.

The baby's future gender will also be highlighted with our edible photos, perfect for placing on a round or rectangular cake. You can even personalize them with the name of the future baby for example. Enough to make your baby shower cake unforgettable.

Non-edible gender reveal cake decorations

In addition to edible decorations, you will find a whole range of decorations that cannot be eaten, perfect for keeping a souvenir of the baby shower.

Personalized cake toppers are perfect for announcing the baby's name or even gender. The baby shower topper personalization system that we offer is very simple to use: you just need to enter the name or gender of the future baby and place the topper on the baby shower cake!

In addition to toppers, you can buy baby shower figurines in this category, such as plastic babies, little slippers, or even storks... Be careful, they are not edible!

You will also find golden balloons that will float throughout the party.

What cake to prepare for a Baby Shower?

To delight the guests of a Baby shower you need a well decorated cake, but also a foolproof and proven recipe.

We advise you to make several cakes:

Cupcakes for a Baby Shower are perfect because they are easy to eat and infinitely customizable. For example, you can use pink and blue buttercream to place on cupcakes, thus recreating the 'duel' between girl and boy. This way of decorating also works with cakepops or magnum cakes, but with candy melts instead of buttercream.

You can also prepare a layer cake, which you will cover with blue and pink sugar paste, again to create this girl-boy separation. What's good about this cake is that you will be able to decorate it with sugar paste models, such as teddy bears, bibs, prams...