Material Layer cake

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Material Layer cake

All the materials to make a layer cake

The layer cake is a cake made up of several alternating layers of dough with a filling such as butter cream or ganache. In cake design it is the basis of many recipes and has a few variations: rainbow cake, nude cake, etc. It is often covered with a layer of cream or ganache which is smoothed using a ganache straightener.

We offer for sale everything you need to make this layered cake and impress your guests!

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What materials are needed for a layer cake?

You need a little equipment to make the layer cake on an assembly line, all the utensils are on sale on Autourdugâ

You will need a set of layer cake molds, a smoothing spatula for ganache and cream, food coloring (optional), a spatula, a pastry mixer, a turntable (to make smoothing the cake easier), a piping bag as well as a round socket. Finally you will need decorations such as sprinkles, sugar figures or even cake toppers. You can also use decorative melts or bottles of icing to make drip cakes.