Easter chocolate mold

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Easter chocolate mold

Make your own Easter chocolates

The Easter holidays are an opportunity to prepare and enjoy delicious Easter chocolates, but why not try making your own Easter chocolates this year?

If this idea tempts you, you will find everything you need on Autourudgâteau.fr to make them: Easter chocolate molds , chocolate pebbles, tempering machine, thermometer and all the utensils needed to make Easter treats.

To guide you, we have also created several recipes to make your Easter chocolates and cakes .

Easter chocolate molds, the essential.

No molds, no chocolates! Thanks to the variety of Easter chocolate molds on our site you can make the classic chocolate eggs to delight young and old but also various shapes that are out of the ordinary. Also if you want to impress your guests during the famous chocolate hunt, opt for one of these chocolate molds:

- A large chocolate egg mold, which can contain surprises.

- Molds for small eggs and other chocolates to taste individually.

- A rabbit mold to make Easter chocolate bunnies.

- A little bear mold which allows you to make Easter chocolates and create gelatin candies.

The Easter molds that we offer on our site are of top quality, they are generally made of silicone, but you will also find some in polycarbonate.

Everything you need to make Easter chocolates

To complete our selection of Easter chocolate molds, we also offer to equip you with everything you need to make your chocolates a success.

You will therefore find:

- Tempering machines to melt your Easter chocolates effortlessly.

- Easter chocolate boxes

- Chocolate in a pebble or pot that you can melt as a raw material.

- Fat-soluble coloring to color your Easter chocolates.

- Thermometers and other utensils essential for making Easter chocolate.

All you have to do is make pretty Easter chocolates in your Easter chocolate molds to delight those with a sweet tooth!