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Heart mold

Heart mold

Heart shaped cake mold

Do you want to make a cake for Valentine's Day or simply say I love you with a pastry? The heart-shaped mold is perfect for you! You will be sure of the shape that your heart cake will have, no more questionable cutting techniques with a knife to form it, you now have a heart mold. You can make desserts, mousses, cakes and even heart-shaped macaroons!

We have carefully selected our products to offer you many different types and, above all, professional quality. You will find them in the form of a silicone or stainless steel mold.

If you are looking for a heart cake recipe you can make a vanilla caramel heart dessert .

The different types of heart molds

There are as many heart molds as there are ways to say I love you, so you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to making the pastry you like.

Classic heart molds , these molds are the ones you will find everywhere, generally they are either cake circles or very simple heart-shaped molds. They are perfect for less experienced pastry chefs and will provide even cooking for your heart cake.

The domed ones , generally they are made of silicone, they allow you to make a heart cake but with a domed shape! What gives relief to your dessert. The result is perfect if you use velvet spray on it! You will find them in single format or in an 8-cavity mold!

Origami , in silicone or plastic, these silikomart molds allow you to make a slightly rounded heart with geometric shapes on top, like an Origami. You will find them in single format or in molds of 6 to make several small heart cakes.

The heart insert molds allow you to integrate a shape or taste into the middle of the cake, when you cut out a part the heart pattern will appear, enough to create a magnificent cartoon heart cake!

Molds for Valentine's Day : For Valentine's Day, making a heart-shaped cake is a great idea. Whether it's a layer cake, a designer cake or something else, you can make a magnificent pastry for Valentine's Day.

You will finally find heart-shaped macaron or magnum cake molds.

How to use this type of mold?

They are used like most cake molds.

You can use them to make hot and cold desserts, however check the material of your heart mold before choosing your preparation method.

Simply follow a recipe that you like for chocolate or plain cake for example, then pour the mixture into the heart mold, the dough will fit into each corner and thus naturally take the shape of a heart.

Depending on the material of the heart mold it can be put in the dishwasher, be sure to read the instructions for use to be sure.

Now that you have the mold, all you have to do is get cooking! Also discover our other 2D and 3D molds .