Rectangular molds

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Rectangular Mold for Pastry and Cooking

The rectangular mold is an essential utensil for pastry, cake design, and cooking in general. You will also find different options on this page, at the best price, allowing you to deal with any situation.

Whether it's for making cakes, sponge cakes, or even brownie trays, in the large rectangular molds, you will also find molds and frames for cakes...

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Rectangular molds

Our rectangular cake molds

Our rectangle-shaped cake molds, designed to make your life easier when you bake.

Rectangular molds play an important role in baking. Everyone absolutely must have a rectangular cake pan in their kitchen cupboard. We offer extendable ones for even more practicality and ease of use.

If you want to make rectangular logs, we have the rectangular silicone mold you need. We also have more fun ones like the rectangle checkerboard cake mold which allows you to have a two-color cake. You can also opt for a silicone mold for extravagant shapes.

Finally, we have the famous 20 x 30 rectangular mold for your sponge cakes and other large cakes.

You will find these rectangular molds in different materials, silicone, aluminum, and steel. Also to help you make your choice, read our article on how to choose the material for your mold .

The best rectangular molds

Like square molds , rectangular molds are one of the must-have utensils for baking. They will help you prepare your sponge cakes to cut out your Number cake figures, will give you magnificent Christmas logs, appetizing cakes...

But for that you have to choose the best brand! At Autourdugâteau, we offer you the best products. The PME brand will bring you great satisfaction. Indeed, the rectangular cake molds from this pastry professional are very resistant and have the advantage of being offered in different sizes, whether in height or width.

You will also find rectangular molds from the Wilton brand, another professional in the sector, with a significant advantage: the price!

Are they dishwasher safe?

Most of our rectangle molds are dishwasher safe. You can put steel, silicone and glass molds in the wash.