Birthday candles

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Candles for Successful Birthday Parties

Whether you're looking for traditional number-shaped candles, candles with the phrase happy birthday, or themed candles, you've come to the right place!

On this page, you'll find a multitude of birthday candles to properly celebrate the occasion: making your cake shine bright with a thousand lights!

Choose from our wide selection the color of the candles, their shapes, and colors, and make the party unforgettable!

Birthday candles

All our birthday candles

A birthday planned in the coming days? A great opportunity to bring the whole family together around a good cake. But don't forget the centerpiece for this occasion: the birthday candle! Whether you are celebrating your child's 10th birthday or your grandfather's 70th birthday, you will always need a piece of wax to blow, to mark the transition to the next year.

These little wax sticks go very well with other decorations, such as personalized cake toppers .

What type of candles are there?

The Expendables :

- The classic wax birthday candle, often colored, you will also find them in white, these are the ones that we find everywhere and each of them counts for a year!

- The candle in the shape of a number, it is spreading more and more in France, it is quite simply a number in wax, we therefore associate one or two numbers to correspond to the age of the celebration.

- Magic sparklers, a real fireworks display on your cake. These are small sticks that crackle when lit.

- Letter candles are simply wax letters to place on the cake, to form the name of the birthday for example or to write happy birthday.

- Patterned candles, to complete your theme, nothing better than stars, clouds, unicorns, Mickey, football and others.

Reusable ones:

- The Led Candle is a figure in which there are small LEDs, they flash or remain fixed.

- The musical candle, it's all in the name. She makes music!

You will find countless birthday candles on Autourdugâ, reusable or not. You will definitely find the one that suits you!

Themed candles

Choose from our selection of original and trendy birthday candles . We offer you a very large choice of themes to dress your birthday cake: Disney and other cartoons: Paw Patrol, Moana, Frozen, Minnie, Mickey, Fireman Sam, Avengers, PJ Masks, Princess, Unicorn.. A great choice for a birthday cake that will please young and old alike.

Themed candles are perfect for decorating your cake and sticking to its theme. You can also complete your theme with cake figurines !

Why use birthday candles?

Using candles on a birthday cake is a tradition that dates back to ancient times. The Greeks celebrated birthdays by offering round cakes to Artemis, goddess of the moon, with candles lit to imitate the glow of the moon.

Over time, the use of candles has become more modern and widespread in many cultures around the world. They add a special and festive touch to the birthday celebration and allow you to count down the years of the person being celebrated.

The ritual around the birthday candle also creates a warm atmosphere, we all stop for a moment, lights off, with only the candles lit and the face of the birthday person illuminated!