Cheap candy

Cheap candy

Cheap candy for Halloween

To liven up your Halloween evening you definitely need a substantial stock of candy, otherwise watch out for bad luck!

The black marshmallows will look great on your table, the candy vampire teeth will amuse young and old by imitating Halloween vampires.

To go candy hunting, equip yourself with your candy pumpkin and wander the streets in search of treats!

A large bowl of dragibus, liquorice, and others will allow you to distribute candy to the little ghosts and witches throughout the night!

Birthday candy

Whether to make a candy cake or simply to pick them from a salad bowl, find the classic candies and sweets:

The Haribo dragibus, the Harlequins, Farise Tagada, Oursons, Happy cola...

Provide a few containers to put your candies, salad bowls, candy boxes and others.

Watch out for cavities! Sweets are delicious but less dental problems, remember to brush your children's teeth after a birthday party too rich in sugar!

Make a pinata with candy

The candy pinata is a great idea to liven up a birthday party, a gender reveal or even a wedding. Fill it with delicious candies to make the surprise even better!

The pinata game goes like this:

You need to hang the pinata high up, a tree, a stake, the ceiling, it needs to be a little higher than the person who is going to use the stick.

Blindfold the player and give him the stick, spin him around and give him the go!

By tapping the pinata the player will damage it and drop the candies!

As soon as the pinata is on the ground, remove the player's blindfold and let everyone reap the rewards of the game.