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Log box

Pack your Christmas logs with a box

You have just finished your Christmas log, it is magnificent, decorated to perfection. But how to transport it? The cat's cage won't be the best way to bring your dessert to the table. We have the solution: the Christmas log box .

Beautifully decorated and designed to perfectly match the shape of the logs. There are several sizes: 30x11cm, 40x11cm. Generally rectangular, they are also decorated in different ways: completely plain, golden, or with Christmas motifs.

These are sturdy log wrappers that will allow you to transport your dessert safely.

How to transport your Christmas log?

The fateful moment has arrived: you have to go to the Christmas meal, and you have been put in charge of the main dessert: the log.

If you don't want your meal to turn into a disaster with a dessert that looks more like a fried egg than a log, make sure you have: a log box and a cake tray. Place it horizontally and keep it stable, if it slides inside the box the filling could stick against the walls. Entrust it to confident hands and not to your youngest who moves a little too much. Also be sure to remove any Christmas log decorations that may fall during transport.

If you have opted for an iced log : bring a cooler or an insulated bag! You don't want the log to melt during the journey!

Stabilize your Christmas dessert with log trays

Trays for buche de noel are also an essential decoration to present your dessert to your guests.

They are also called cake soles.

There are several sizes: ranging from 30 to 45cm in length, you will also find them in several colors: black, gold or silver.

These trays are solid and you can decorate them as you wish, with chocolate, non-edible Christmas decorations , or even paint them with edible paint.

Professional and individual log box

The log boxes in this category are intended for professionals and individuals, so no need for a professional account to order.

These boxes are therefore perfect if you need to keep a small or large number of Christmas logs cool and safe. If you are a pastry professional, these boxes will be ideal for storing your numerous logs in a fridge or outdoors, thus preventing them from gathering dust or being damaged. These log boxes are also ideal for perfecting your presentation.

If you are an individual you can buy our log boxes individually and thus keep your Christmas dessert cold and safe, whether in the fridge or while traveling.