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Sugar pastes

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Find the No. 1 cake design store on Autour du gâteau : sugar paste in all its forms. Whether you are looking for sugar paste for modeling, covering, or to create edible flowers, you will find everything on Autourdugâ You can also provide yourself with the necessary accessories for working with sugar paste: roller, work mat, scalpel, utensil, icing sugar, silicone mold for modeling, etc.

You will find 6 brands of sugar paste among the most renowned in cake design : Saracino, Renshaw and its Renshaw Extra paste, Funcakes, Smartflex, Pastkolor and SilkyTop. Each brand of sugar paste has its advantages and disadvantages, for example Smartflex Velvet will be very useful for covering large cakes such as wedding cakes, Saracino is best known for its modeling pastes, Renshaw sugar paste is the most known in cake design.

Find our complete article to help you choose your sugar paste .

Sugar pastes

Sugar paste for cake

6 brands of sugar paste from €1.49

Sugar paste, also known as fondant or gumpaste , is used in decorating cakes and pastries. It is made from a mixture of icing sugar, glucose syrup or corn syrup, water and other optional ingredients such as gelatin, vegetable fats, flavorings and food colors.

Sugar paste is very malleable depending on the type, and can be rolled and spread to, for example, completely cover a cake. It is often used to create elaborate edible subjects like people or flowers, which are then placed on cakes of all kinds, from weddings to birthdays and other special occasions.

On this category page you will find all types of sugar paste existing in the world of pastry: modeling paste, covering paste, flower paste, tropical sugar paste, but also almond paste or almond paste. chocolate paste.

What use for what type of sugar paste

Sugar paste comes in several forms and in several compositions, these small differences make it possible to give this essential cake design a multitude of possible uses. We offer you in this category all types of existing sugar pastes to fully meet your requests.

Tropical sugar paste: the star of the tropics

Tropical sugar paste has very good heat resistance, it does not stick, ooze or crack! It is known by the Saracino brand, because it is of very good quality! You will find it in 500gr, 1kg and 5kg formats. If you are looking for smaller sizes of tropical sugar paste, there are 250g loaves from SilkyTop and 10kg from Renshaw.

For people living on islands or in a warm country, this is the product you need to create your cake designs. It also resists refrigeration, which is another advantage of tropical sugar paste, in fact it is the only one to have this property which proves very practical for keeping your cake design cool for a few hours before serving it.

Sugar paste for the cake covering

It's a classic in cake design: covering a cake with sugar paste. You still have to choose it carefully! In fact, you risk seeing your dough crack, heat up, lose its color, etc. You must also choose the covering sugar paste which will be able to resist the deformations that you subject it to. To cover tall cakes, you can for example use flexible SilkyTop sugar paste, it does not crack and is (as its name suggests) very flexible.

We also find another star of covering sugar paste at Smartflex Velvet, we sell it in large format, which is ideal for large cakes that require a lot of materials.

When we talk about covering sugar paste we also think of pre-spread sugar paste to cover a cake. For example, the Renshaw brand sugar paste roller is specially designed for covering thanks to its diameter of 33cm, you just have to place it on your cake! Its composition does not change from other sugar pastes, only its shape changes, we can compare it to the pre-rolled pizza doughs that you find in stores.

This type of sugar paste is also used very well to cover cake drums or cake boards !

To model your subjects in sugar paste

Modeling is an integral part of cake design, colorful and more realistic subjects than ever are placed on the cakes, we even see sculptures of characters in cake covered with sugar paste.

To ensure you obtain a satisfactory result you need robust cakedesign modeling equipment and work with reliable modeling sugar paste ! You don't want to see the trunk of this pretty elephant that you have just made break or your sugar paste decoration break.

There are products specially designed to model your sugar subjects , such as SilkyTop modeling sugar paste . Available in 250g loaves, it was designed for cake design and the creation of cake sculptures. More moldable, dries quickly and does not crack, ideal for modeling whatever comes to mind without risking your modeling breaking ! It is a cheaper alternative to Saracino modeling sugar paste, which is the reference in the field.

The modeling paste can also be used very well with modeling molds for sugar paste . You will be able to model flowers and all kinds of small sugar subjects to decorate your cakes, without learning for hours to model this butterfly or this monkey. In fact, all you have to do is fill the mold with sugar paste to give it the shape you want!

Make your most beautiful flowers from sugar paste

Sugar flowers are very common in cake designs. But the different petals and leaves can be a real headache to make if you don't have the right product! Also sugar paste for flowers also called gumpaste or flowerpaste are perfect for this task. With a perfectly smooth appearance and no cracks, the illusion with a real flower will be perfect!

This special sugar paste recipe dries more quickly, which is ideal for making flowers, which have a lot of small details requiring rapid drying and solidity.

If you are used to making wedding cakes, flower paste is essential because it is widely used in modeling edible flowers for weddings.

Sugar paste and special diets

Cake is a universal delicacy and knows no boundaries, so people with allergies or special diets should not be left out! In this category you will find gluten-free or vegetarian sugar pastes. But also halal or kosher sugar paste . So depending on your beliefs or your dietary predispositions, you can enjoy the pleasures of cake design!

If you have special dietary predispositions, do not forget to read the list of ingredients and the various warnings regarding the consumption of sugar paste.

Concerning the energy value of sugar paste, it is a very caloric, very sweet and very fatty consumer product, so it should be consumed in moderation. To give you an example, if you eat 100g of sugar paste from the SilkyTop brand, this represents 1,688 Kj or 399 Kcal which represents for an adult man approximately 1/6th of his daily intake.

Sugar paste is very pretty, but it must be consumed in moderation!

All our sugar pastes have a minimum shelf life of 2 months!

Our other pastes for cake design

In cakedesign we don't just work with sugar paste, we also use two other pastes which can be used for covering or modeling: almond paste and chocolate paste!

Almond paste , you probably know it because it is very present in traditional pastries. It is used for modeling or you can find it between two walnut kernels or in dates for Christmas. In cake design it makes very beautiful modeling of subjects or flowers, but you can also use it to cover the cake.

Chocolate paste , or plastic chocolate. As its name suggests, it is a paste made of chocolate, we added a few ingredients to make it more elastic and thus make it easier to work with. It will have the same consistency as sugar paste and will be used very well for modeling and covering cakes.

Make colorful cakes!

With over our selection of over 50 sugarpaste colors available, you're sure to find the one that suits you to color your cake to your liking!

Special shades for cake design: for example for green sugar paste you will find 10 different shades, emerald, leaf, grass, light, grass, mint, pistachio pastel, salad. Enough to make a football field cake in sugar paste with a perfect color!

The white sugar paste that you can color is available in ultra white and pearl white.

You will also find vibrant colors: orange, blue, red, yellow, pink, brown sugar paste...

Less conventional colors, but just as useful for your sugar paste creations, black, sand, flesh, pink, fuschia, purple...

If you can't find the color you need, you can always use one of our food colorings to obtain a color not available as a base. Powder or gel colorings are ideal for coloring one of our white sugar pastes.

It only takes a few grams of coloring to color a loaf of sugar paste , to penetrate the material well, knead the two ingredients together to mix them together. Add coloring if necessary to obtain a more intense coloring. Little tip : to really see the final color, let your sugar paste rest overnight, the pigments will then be fully active and you will have the final color.

Your questions about sugar paste

In cake design, sugar paste is essential, it covers a lot of cakes and you will find it in a lot of recipes. Also before buying sugar paste you need to know it a little, we answer some of your questions so that you can see more clearly.

How do I store my sugar paste?

Sugar paste can be a real headache if it hardens , it will no longer be pliable at all and you can either throw it away or knead it for tens of minutes to soften it.

In the state when you order your sugar paste loaves, if the original packaging is intact , you can keep them for several months, in short until their expiration date. However, be sure to place it in a dry and cool place such as a cupboard.

If you have started the sugar paste and want to reuse it later . Place it back in its original packaging or in cling film, which you will place in a resealable box. Protect it from light and humidity, and definitely do not place it in the fridge; instead, choose a dry cupboard, preferably high up.

If you have already covered a cake with sugar paste and you need to keep it refrigerated, use tropical sugar paste (compatible with storage in the fridge).

Do you sell sugar paste wholesale?

Do you buy large quantities of sugar paste?

Don't bother buying dozens of 250g loaves to make your cake designs.

You will find packages ranging from 250g to 10kg of sugar paste on Autourdugateau! Going through smaller formats: 500gr, 1Kg, 3Kg, 4Kg etc. You can also contact us to obtain a quote if you need larger quantities of sugar paste. Buying sugar paste in bulk will save you time and money, in fact you won't have to reorder all the time, so you save on transport costs, and buckets of sugar paste are cheaper per Kg than small formats.

Where to find the equipment to work with sugar paste?

On Autourdugâ, we provide you with quality sugar paste, but you will also find in our sugar paste equipment category everything you need to work with it. Modeling tools to make precision sculptures, molds, everything you need to cover a cake with sugar paste. In short, something to cover, shape and decorate any of your designer cakes with sugar paste.

A question then comes to you quite naturally: what equipment is essential for working with sugar paste?

To work with sugar paste effectively, you will absolutely need two cake smoothers, which allow you to obtain a perfect finish on your sugar paste cakes. A rolling pin or a special sugar paste roller (non-stick) to spread it thinly. If you want to get started with modeling, the PME brand sugar paste modeling tool sets are perfect.

A few cookie cutters are also recommended for cutting out different shapes in the sugar paste, a pot of edible glue, a scalpel for making clean cuts, a mat for working the sugar paste, and why not a rolling mill, allowing you to flatten the dough even more easily!

Is sugar paste edible?

The sugar paste that we sell on our site is entirely edible! It is made up of simple ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, water and vegetable fat (a few colorings if the sugar paste is colored). You can therefore use it to cover a cake or make edible models. Some sugar paste also has a good vanilla, lemon or even marshmallow taste .

What not to do with sugar paste?

The sugar paste that we sell is of first quality and renowned, nevertheless despite its quality, certain criteria of use must be respected: there are foods to be avoided under the sugar paste such as: Fresh and frozen fruits, Chantilly , mousseline cream, mousses, pastry cream, whipped ganaches, mascarpone cream. These are bans linked to food safety.

You should also not leave the sugar paste in the sun or in a damp place, otherwise it may melt, or be unusable because it is too transformed by external elements.

The sugar paste does not go in the oven either, otherwise your cake will melt completely! It is only used for decoration, modeling or ornamentation but has no role in the preparation stage of your cake.

Where to find sugar paste?

At Autourdugâ you will find the sugar paste you need and at the best price. In all its forms and in different colors, we have the widest choice of sugar paste on the internet.

In addition to offering you an incomparable choice, you will be able to purchase sugar paste at a lower price, especially if you are a professional. Finally, fast and free delivery from €49 allows you to quickly benefit from your raw material.

So don't wait any longer, order your sugar paste on our site today and start creating cake designs as soon as your order is delivered.