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Covering Fondant

Covering sugar paste for a cake

Sugar paste for covering, covering, ready to apply, flexible... It takes many names but its end use is the same: to perfectly cover your cake, to give it a perfect smooth appearance! Discover all our covering paste at the best value for money.

In cake design, covering a cake with sugar paste is one of the basics to learn. In fact, this technique will be able to open the doors to a huge number of recipes and designs for you. Whether with white or colored sugar paste, you give your cake a smooth and silky appearance when covering it with special sugar paste.

So your covering sugar paste must be of good quality ! In fact, covering a cake design is rather complicated, it requires technique and patience, and you don't want your sugar paste to crack at the wrong time. SilkyTop flexible sugar paste is for example perfect for covering tall cakes even with a thin layer, its flexibility allows it to be easy to work with and not to crack.

There are also rolls of ready-to-use covering sugar paste to cover a cake, with a pre-spread diameter you just have to unwrap it and place it on your cake. The thickness is already worked and the diameter calculated to the millimeter!

Other types of sugar paste can also be used to cover a cake, such as flower paste or tropical sugar paste. But they will be more likely to give way or not be as manageable as the covering paste.

Our covering paste brands

In cake design as in pastry, sugar paste with your favorite brands, you will find at arounddugâ the best products for making cakes.

This is why you will find the best brands of couverture sugar paste on our site.

- Silkytop covering paste is one of the best on the market, available in breads from 250 grams to more than 5Kg you can cover any cake with this product.

- Renshaw covering paste , a big name in cake design, with formats ranging from 250gr to 10kg! You will find the Extra range on our site.

- Funcakes, another well-known name, they offer a very practical roll of pre-rolled covering dough in several colors.

- The cake cover with Saracino. With pots ranging from 500g to 5kg you won't run out of covering sugar paste.

- Smartflex and pastkolor pastes can also be used for cake coverings.

Your questions about sugar paste covering

Couverture sugar paste, like other cakedesign pastes, is a little finicky and requires some techniques to be handled and worked. We also answer your questions about the couverture paste that we sell.

How to store sugar confectionery?

Cover sugar paste requires a little care if you want to store it properly.

In fact, and this goes for all sugar pastes, you don't want it to dry out otherwise it becomes hard and you won't be able to cover the cake!

It must therefore be stored in its packaging or in plastic food film, away from heat and light, in a dry place, a kitchen cupboard does the job very well. Do not store it in the fridge or freezer! Cover sugar paste does not like humidity or cold.

How to cover a cake with covering paste?

In addition to teaching you how to make models with special modeling sugar paste, we are developing many other subjects on our blog! Also we think of the cake designers at Autour du cake!

Did you let yourself know that covering a cake was easy? Have you ended up throwing your sugar paste or marzipan out the window? Before throwing away the rest of the cake, take a few minutes to watch our tutorial created by our Nell's cake ambassador.

A tutorial to easily cover your cake with sugar paste and not tear your hair out!

What should I do if my covering paste cracks?

If your covering sugar paste cracks when you cover your cake, there are a few solutions available to you:

- It must be kneaded again for a certain time, until it becomes malleable again and the cracks have disappeared.

- If when kneading it you notice that the cracks are still present, add crisco to rehydrate your covering sugar paste.

- You can also fill the cracks with a mixture of icing sugar and lukewarm water, the mixture must be fluid but not liquid. 0 using a pastry brush you will fill in the small holes on the covering dough.

- If the solutions above don't work, you can place it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it. But be careful, this is the solution of last resort, the microwave can also cook and render your sugar paste cover unusable.