Heart cookie cutter

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Heart cookie cutter

Heart shaped cookie cutter

Want to surprise your other half for Valentine's Day or prepare cookies to share at a wedding?

Make your life easier with our heart cookie cutters! Easy to use and durable, they are cake designers' favorite cutters.

You will find hearts of all sizes and shapes on Autourdugâteau.fr.

How to use a heart cookie cutter?

There are several ways to use a heart cookie cutter :

- To make Valentine's Day cookies. All you have to do is spread some shortbread dough on your work surface and place your heart cookie cutter on it. Remove it after having pressed it well and that's it. You can use royal icing to add color to the shortbread.

- To create sugar paste hearts. As with the round cookie cutters, you simply spread the dough on the work surface then cut out a shape using a heart cookie cutter of the size you want. You can then place these hearts on your cake designs.

- Make a heart-shaped shortbread cake. With one of our heart cookie cutter kits you can make a biscuit cake with several layers, we offer you several diameters of hearts, which once cooked stack perfectly.

On which site can you buy heart cookie cutters?

At Autourdugâteau.fr we strive to find the most beautiful heart cookie cutters, but also of the best possible quality. You will find famous cake design brands like Decora, as well as heart cutters made in France in our premises in Isère.

To use your heart cutters for a long time, wash them after each use with a sponge and lukewarm water. Avoid the dishwasher as much as possible.

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