Material for cake design flowers

Material for cake design flowers

Material for making cake design flowers

Cake Designers love making their own flowers in sugar paste or gumpaste to decorate their wedding cake. Find all our utensils and accessories to create your roses, peonies, lilies…

Tools for making sugar paste flowers

To create these delicious sugar paste flowers, cake designers need quality materials and tools, so in this category you will find various small tools intended for working with sugar paste to make flowers.

For example, there are fine-tipped brushes to create and model the shapes of flowers, you will also find ball tools to crease the flower petals. Mini scalpels are also on sale on our site to precisely cut petals and leaves, the different brushes will allow you to apply color with powder dye to the petals of your flowers!

Our sugar paste flower cookie cutters

We offer many flower cookie cutters in plastic or steel. Some allow you to make specific flowers: rose, peony, petunia, carnation, orchid, fleur-de-lis, dahlia, chrysantreme... You have to find the cookie cutter for your favorite flower. We also have cutters for flower leaves. Most of our cookie cutters are simple cutters and others are push ejector cookie cutters. Remember to use CMC tylose powder to make the sugar paste harder and a special dryer after modeling the flower.

Our flower modeling molds

It's not just cookie cutters that allow you to make sugar paste flowers yourself quickly and easily. There are modeling molds with which you simply put flower paste in the impressions. We also have veiners which allow us to print veins on the petals and leaves. They give a perfect finish making the sugar flowers look as real as possible.

Stamens, wire stems, cones and floral ribbon

To make your flowers look even more real, you can use stamens of different sizes and colors to form the pistil. We have floral wire perfect for playing the role of the flower stem or for inserting a sugar paste flower into a cake. You can cover the stem with floral tape for even more realism. We also sell cones specially designed to safely insert natural or artificial flowers into a pastry shop.