Sugar sprinkles and confetti

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Discover our wide range of sprinkles starting with the essential for cake design: sprinkles.

Want to create a festive and colorful decoration on your cake designs for a special event? We have the selection of sprinkles you need. You can also use a cake topper to decorate a cake.

Varied shapes and vibrant colors on different themes. Among our selection of sprinkles you will find all the classics: hearts, stars, trees, snowflakes.

But also other less conventional sprinkles: little gingerbread men, clouds, candy canes, etc. You will also have the choice with a large number of sprinkle mixes, Christmas, Halloween, girly, pink.

Finally, you will also find sugar confetti, small round sugar pellets of all colors. These sprinkle mixes can be coupled with sugar subjects.

Sugar sprinkles and confetti

What are Sprinkles?

The sprinkle is simply a small decoration made of puffed rice, flour, starch and sugar, they take a lot of different shapes: balls, pearls, sprinkles, hearts, bats, stars, crowns, cats and much more. others, there are as many forms as the imagination can give and with very different themes: Halloween, Christmas, baby shower, summer and many others.

The sprinkles can be sugar pearls in pastel shades or bright colors. Some are also chocolate, or flavored, which adds further advantages to using this type of cake decoration.

Sprinkles are very often used to decorate cupcakes and cake designs, but they can also be sprinkled on a birthday table.

In this category page you will find dozens of different types of sprinkles that you can use on all your pastries.

Our different sprinkles available on Autourdugâ

Discover our almost unlimited variety of sprinkles, confetti, hearts, butterflies, balls, sugar pearls...

To decorate a designer cake, edible decorations are a must have, they are in fact everywhere and can brighten up your creations in no time. Simply order your sprinkles according to the theme you want: butterflies for a country or princess theme, hearts if you want to create a Valentine's Day cake, golden and pearly balls if your wedding cake is in a chic style .

We offer something for all tastes and in all forms:

- Sugar confetti are small flat circles of several colors or plain.

- the pearls, balls and other spheres can be made of sugar or chocolate.

- The more extravagant shapes of sprinkles, they represent characters or animals: zombie head, dinosaur, butterflies, donuts, crowns etc. And they have the advantage of being made of sugar like all sprinkles, therefore edible!

- Rods or vermicelli in French, are colored sugar 'sticks'.

- Finally, you will also find a classic sprinkle on our site: mini meringues!

How to use sprinkles?

There are several techniques for placing sprinkles on your cakes:

- Simply uncork the jar of sprinkles and sprinkle them directly on the cake. This is the least precise but fastest way.

- If you want to be more precise in the arrangement of the sprinkles , use angled pliers , these are small pliers that allow you to grab your sprinkles and pearls and place them with unparalleled precision on your pastries. This technique is very practical for making special decorations with sprinkles.

In the same genre you have the sugar pearl guns, which allow you to place the pearls one by one on a cake design or a pastry.

You can also use sugar balls or pearls to decorate your cakes or wafer discs .