The dessert workshop

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The dessert workshop

Equipment to make your own desserts

Who doesn't dream of having a candy bar filled with Cupcakes and Cakepops for their party? Cupcakes and Cakepops are trendy little pastries that are very popular for events like Baby Showers, birthdays or weddings. In addition to having a delicious taste, these treats can be decorated easily and according to your desires.

Materials and decoration for Cupcakes

Discover all our utensils for making cupcakes and muffins, mainly including molds and piping tips. We also offer the necessary accessories to present your cupcakes at your festive events: cupcake cases, cupcake displays, cupcake boxes...

Cakepop utensils and ingredients

Make cakepops quickly and simply using our equipment and decorations. You will find everything you need to make these lollipop cakes: cakepop molds, cakepop sticks, deco melts...

Try the trendy dessert, The Number Cake

On the occasion of a birthday for example, make this delicious dessert called Number cake, it can be in the form of the first letter of the first name or the number corresponding to the age of the person in the spotlight. Appreciated by all thanks to its multiple possibilities of flavor and decoration, the number cake can also have the shape of a heart or a circle. Easy to make, it is light. The number cake generally consists of a layer of shortbread biscuits, then a cream which could be whipped cream, enchanted cream or mousseline or pastry cream; For those with a sweet tooth, it is also possible to replace the cream with whipped ganache.

The popsicle cake or Magnum cake

Have you heard of the magnum cake recipe? Thanks to our ice cream cake molds, you will make beautiful individual desserts in the shape of ice cream sticks, mixing flavors and colors according to the seasons and events. This dessert, called popsicle cakes in English-speaking countries, takes an important place in France among Cake Designers who offer you beautiful magnum cake decorations. Come on, it's up to you to make the most beautiful pop sicle cake!