Electrical appliances for pastry and cake design

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Electrical appliances for pastry and cake design

Electrical appliances for pastry and cake design

Cheap pastry airbrush for edible paint

The airbrush for pastry is a food-grade paint gun. It allows you to paint your sugar paste cake or cake design in a very precise way. The airbrush is a professional equipment often used by pastry chefs and cake designers. Consisting of a compressor, a gun and a tank, it can be used with special airbrush liquid food coloring. Easy to use, it is a very good profitable investment in the long term. Once purchased, you will no longer be able to do without the airbrush. It makes your life easier when decorating your cakes.

We offer several pastry airbrushes at the best prices on the market. They are guaranteed 1 year. Don't hesitate to invest in this electric device for cake design.

Buy a blowtorch, cake steamer and kitchen thermometer online

We have many other electrical appliances that will help you make your pastries. We have the blowtorch mainly used to caramelize your desserts. As for the cake steamer, it allows you to enhance the sugar paste by cleaning it and making it shiny. Finally, we offer digital kitchen thermometers for sale online, which are very useful for heating chocolate to the right temperature.