Ribbon and rhodoid foil

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Ribbon and rhodoid foil

Ribbon and rhodoid sheet for your sweet preparations

Rhodoïd, sometimes called guitard paper, is a special plastic sheet (acetate) widely used for baking. It comes in the form of a sheet, ribbon or strip. It is used in particular to make desserts or mousses and facilitate unmolding in your pastry circles and frames.

We offer you long rhodoid ribbons, lining film or rhodoid sheets. Each type of Rhodoid has its own function.

Chocolate decoration with rhodoid paper

The rhodoid leaf plays an important role in making homemade chocolate decor. It replaces baking paper and is perfectly suited to making a chocolate bar. To do this, simply pour the chocolate over it and let it dry.

Chocolatiers also use rhodoid to make chocolate decorations. They make fine lines of chocolate on rhodoid, let it dry then gently peel off the strip.

Line a cake with rhodoid

So that your dessert or mousse releases easily and holds together, it is recommended to use rhodoid.

We place it inside a mold or cake circle, then we pour the dough or the preparation inside. When your cake is ready, carefully remove the mold, then the rhodoid sheet. Your cake comes out smooth and perfectly preserved!

You can follow our tutorial on how to use a rhodoid sheet.

Useful information

To make the best use of the rhodoid sheet that you buy on Autourdugâteau.fr, here are some questions that we are often asked:

Is rhodoid sheet oven safe?

No. Rhodoid leaf cannot be baked. In fact, rhodoid is made of plastic (or PVC) and will melt if you put it in the oven. We use the rhodoid with frozen or no-cook recipes!

What should you replace rhodoid with?

The rhodoid sheet can be replaced in cooking and baking with cling film, waxed paper, or a springform pan. But we advise you to use rhodoîd for a perfect effect, in fact the other alternatives can have a wrinkled finish, and less smooth than the PVC sheet.

Is rhodoid reusable?

It depends. Some Rhodoid sheets are reusable and others are not. In general, the words 'reusable' or 'washable' are present on the packaging of the rhodoid sheet. If it is reusable, you will only need to wash it with a little water and a smooth sponge.