Pastry embossing pliers

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Pastry embossing pliers

Embossing pliers for sugar paste and marzipan

The embossing pliers, also called notching pliers, scalloping pliers or crimpers in English, are a pastry utensil for decorating your desserts.

Widely used by cake designers, the embossing pliers allow you to create original patterns and borders on your cakes covered with sugar paste or marzipan. It brings the final finish to your creative pastries and gives them a pretty effect.

Embossing pliers for pastry

We offer a selection of stainless steel embossing pliers. We offer them to you at the best prices on the market.

These pinking pliers are of excellent quality and durable over time. Easy to use, they are used like basic pliers by pressing the two parts against each other. Different relief patterns and movements are available to decorate the borders of your sugar paste cakes: jagged wave, star, heart, zig zag, cloud, diamond, scalloped effect...