Embossers for sugar paste

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Embossers for sugar paste

The embosser kit for cakes and pastries

A sugar paste embosser is a tool used to add raised designs to the surface of a cake covered with sugar paste. It is usually made of metal or plastic and can be used to create designs such as letters, numbers or shapes.

In baking, an embosser is a tool used to mark or decorate the surface of pastries, especially cookies, tarts or cakes.

On Autourdugâteau.fr you can buy embossers to create patterns or textures on your pastries which remain visible after baking. Many patterns are available such as lines or dots, to more complex patterns such as flowers, leaves or geometric shapes.

Pastry embossing is a simple way to decorate your creations. Embossers can be made from various materials such as wood, plastic or metal.

How to write on a sugar paste cake?

An embosser set allows you to leave an imprint on your cakes and pastries. It is mainly used to create an inscription on sugar paste covering a biscuit, a cake design or a cake board. Using a pad block, it is possible to precisely mark your cake dough or sugar paste with your chosen letters and numbers. Once the prints are made, you can color the letters or patterns with powder coloring.

Choose your embosser kit that will accompany you in all your cake creations. We offer you a wide choice of embossers at all prices and of very good quality.

Letter and number embosser for Cake Design

An embosser kit generally consists of an acrylic plate which is made up of letters, numbers or special characters. Each set has its own theme and therefore different font. Some are in uppercase, others in lowercase. Embossers are intended more for placing imprints on biscuits and others on a larger surface of a layered cake.

Other embossers allow you to mark your sugar paste with geometric patterns or other original shapes. They will perfectly decorate your cake.

Embosser Kit Brands Sweet Stamp, PME, SilkyTop

Embosser kits were made famous by the Sweet Stamp brand. It is very renowned in the world of cake design for its quality products. She has created numerous models that appeal to all cake designers and pastry chefs. The SilkyTop and PME brands have also developed excellent quality embosser sets at very affordable prices.

These embosser kits are also a very good gift idea to give to a baking fan or a loved one who wants to get started with cake design.

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You don't know how to use these embossers and make your cakes even more beautiful? Don't panic, Autourdugateau has prepared a tutorial for you to understand how to use your cake embossers .