Wafer Sheet and Wafer Disc

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Large selection of wafer and sugar sheets

Efficiently and simply decorate your birthday cakes with personalized wafer and sugar sheets!

The wafer or sugar sheet allows you to make your cake unforgettable without spending time making decorations.

A wide selection of wafer and sugar sheets at very low prices, for decorating your children's birthday cakes (wafer Moana, Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Soy Luna, Cars, Spiderman...) but also for adults, weddings, baptisms...

Wafer Sheet and Wafer Disc

How to use a matzo sheet or sugar sheet?

It's a bit the same principle as an edible photo with the only difference that the wafer sheets should definitely not be placed on a damp cake like a parfait for example.

In fact, the unleavened material will soak up moisture and it will gradually be destroyed. So before buying a sheet of sugar or matzo on our site, remember to check carefully which cake you are going to prepare and decorate with matzo.

Otherwise to stick a wafer on a cake, you can follow our tutorial for sticking your wafer disc on a cake . Once peeled off, stick the wafer sheet onto the cake with piping gel or food gel and that's it!

In summary, to use an unleavened sheet you will need:

- A cake that is not moist.

- The technique for removing the sheet from its support.

- Food gel found here .

Types of matzo sheets sold on Autourdugâteau.fr

We sell several types of edible wafer to decorate a cake or cakedesign.

Shapes of wafer

Add magnificent round matzos to your cake using our ready-to-use matzos on the theme of your choice: paw patrol, the lion king or spider man... You will find matzos for all parties and events: Easter, Christmas, mothers' Day.

Different formats are available: discs, squares, rectangles. But also for cupcakes with the mini Azyme .

You can pair this type of edible decoration with a personalized cake topper for example.

Customizable wafer

Find a wide selection of decorations on wafer sheets to personalize according to all your themes and events. A tailor-made edible decoration to affix to the top of your cake in no time. You can personalize the text on your matzos very simply.

Don't forget the sugar subjects to complete your matzo cake decoration.

Sugar sheets and wafer paper

Do you want to make your own food printing? Discover a selection of high quality blank sugar sheets, also called wafer paper, to make your own photo or edible decor. It's a bit the same as with a printer, you have to load the wafer paper and use edible ink.

Azyme kits

To save you time and be sure to have a cake that matches the theme you want, we offer wafer cake decoration kits.

In this kit you will find a round or rectangular sheet to place on top of a cake, as well as a sugar outline to place around the edge of the cake.

Several themes are available: Halloween, Pokémon and many others!

The wafer kits can also be completed with other edible decorations, such as sugar flowers .

What is the wafer disc?

The wafer discs are edible images to place on a cake. It is an unleavened bread dough, so the wafer disc has no taste. It can be compared to the consistency of a wafer or matzo bread.

Wafer discs are made from wheat flour or potato starch, corn starch and water. The plates thus obtained are printed with edible ink. It is a product that is most of the time gluten-free and vegetarian (you must nevertheless check on the product sheet if this is indeed the case).

As mentioned above, the wafer discs in this category are printed with edible ink, so the visual possibilities are endless! You will find princess wafer discs, for men, for girls, but also in our other category of customizable wafers !

How to install an unleavened disc?

Using these decorations is relatively simple, however you can find the technique for removing a matzo sheet on our blog.

The wafer discs cannot be used on so-called damp cakes, as the sheets will not resist humidity. If you want to decorate a fruit tart or a strawberry bush for example, you will need to use a sugar disc and therefore an edible photo.

No matter the theme of your cake, you have several techniques at your disposal for placing the wafer discs.

Place it on your cake. The simplest way to use a matzo disc is to place it directly on your dessert, no need for other tricks, your Minnie decoration will fit perfectly on your cake, if your matzo disc does not hold you can use a little piping gel . To decorate a cupcake, however, you will need to usemini matzos .

Cut it out and highlight it. We see a lot of cakes with embossed wafers in cakedesign, to do so you have to cut directly from the sheet! It's a little more technical. For example, for a Minnie matzo, cut out the little mouse and stick it on sugar paste with piping gel. Then we reassemble the wafer disc and the character. Minnie will then be in relief compared to the rest of the Matzo.

Cover your cake completely with matzo. No need for great cake design skills for this technique, just use an edible cake outline ! You cover the top with a wafer disc and the edges with the contour and that's it!