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Edible Marker

Edible marker for drawing on your pastries

The edible marker, also called a pen or pencil for food, contains liquid food coloring instead of traditional ink. They are therefore entirely edible and ready to use. These food markers have tips of different sizes, larger or smaller to allow for varied use.

Find our edible markers and pens that you can use to decorate your cakes. They are perfect for drawing the smallest details of your cake design creations. The edible marker is also useful for drawing the pattern of your design or its outlines. With the arrival of the cartoon cake trend, you can easily highlight the contours of your cake with an edible marker.

Edible Marker

When to use a food marker?

We use edible felt for pastry and cake design, they are used in particular for:

The edible marker is used to draw or mark on a dry, smooth surface such as sugar paste or royal icing. The medium-sized pencil is practical for writing a name or a message on a cake. Make sure the sugar paste is smooth and start writing what you want with the food marker.

We use edible felt on a cake, but you can also use it on a biscuit covered with white icing for example, or even a magnum cake with white deco melt.

The thicker lead edible marker is perfect for making an artistic drawing on a cake design.

The fine-line edible felt pen allows you to reproduce details on character models or on gumpaste flowers, such as eyebrows or eyes. Very practical if you need to make modeling because you will not have to model tiny details in sugar paste.

If you want a more artistic or painting effect, you can use food paint, you can easily apply it to your cake without affecting the taste or texture.

How to draw on a cake with a food marker?

Using a food marker is child's play .

In fact, it can be used exactly like a classic marker that you have in a school pencil case. Shake the food marker before uncorking it, once well shaken, remove the cork and draw or write what you want.

Be careful not to press too hard on the tip of the food pen so as not to create a colored paste, or even damage the tip. If this is the first time you have used a food marker , try the tip on a sheet of paper or a piece of sugar paste to see the color and its intensity.

Can the food marker be used on a sugar sheet?

Yes it's possible. The wafer sheet is dry and strong enough so that the tip of the food-grade felt pen does not sink into the material. Be careful not to press too hard either, you don't want the marker to go through your edible photo.

Where to buy food marker?

On Autourdugâ we offer food markers for sale individually but also in batches of several colors . We have black, red, blue, pink and even gold and silver food markers. You will also find in this category glittery food markers which are perfect for giving shine to your cakes.