Structures for cake design and presentation tools

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Structures for cake design and presentation tools

Materials to structure and present a cake design

Are you a fan of cake design and you make magnificent cakes, but don't have the ideal display to showcase your creation? On our site, you will find a wide choice of trays, bases, boxes, displays, supports or even dowels and pillars for your assembled pieces.

Cake trays and bases

Cake drums as well as cake boards are made of cardboard of varying shape and thickness to adapt to all your cakes. Their strength will support the weight of your creations and their various colors will highlight your pastries on your sweet table.

Cake boxes and bags

Each cake will find its ideal box for safe transport. In addition to protecting your creations, the pretty designs of our boxes will add an extra touch to their presentation.

Find a wide choice of cake boxes, cupcake boxes, bags for confectionery, etc. on Likewise, transparent bags will make pretty packaging for your biscuits and sweets. For themed bags, they will allow children to bring back the treasures that you have prepared for them.

Displays and supports for assembled parts

These structures will give height to your designer cakes while creating a touch of originality. Several types of supports for assembled or unassembled pieces are available, with levels, pyramids, stairs and many others, this type of material is ideal for giving relief to your tables for a successful display of your cakes.