Cake Design Equipment and Utensils

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Cake Design Equipment and Utensils

Specialist in cake design equipment

Autour du Gâteau is the No. 1 specialist on the internet for cake design equipment . You will find on our site everything you need to become a professional cake decorator , but also cupcakes, macaroons, shortbread cookies and so many other pastries that are just waiting for you to be revolutionized!

The essential cakedesign equipment is in this category:

Equipment for modeling sugar paste

Sugar paste modeling is carried out using modeling sugar paste , with which you will be able to create real edible works of art. You must have already seen cakes decorated with sugar figurines larger than life.

Modeling tools and modeling molds are the main cakedesign materials for creating models, we find in these subcategories: brushes with hard tips, ball tools, a scalpel, but also silicone molds allowing you to give directly the shape you want for your sugar paste: animals, characters, means of transport...

Sugar paste is one of the main elements of cake design, so you will find in this category everything you need to work with it.

Straighteners and ganache trays

Cakedesigns are very often covered with sugar paste or buttercream, however it is not enough to place them on a cake and it is placed as if by magic. You have to work it so that it takes on this smooth and worked appearance, for this the essential cakedesign equipment is the sugar paste smoother! It allows you to create perfect angles on your cakes.

For ganache or buttercream it's the same thing, use a ganache smoother to give that perfect, smooth look to your cake design.

On our site this type of equipment for cakedesign is at the best price and some of our products are made in France!

Decorating equipment for cake design

You will also find equipment specially designed for decorating cake design, such as cake stencils which allow you to apply shapes to a cake covered with sugar paste or butter cream.

The pastry tips allow you to decorate the cake with buttercream or other creams. The airbrush allows you to spray the cakes with food coloring.

You will also find in this category other types of cakedesign equipment : embossers, sugar paste mats, stencils, electrical devices for cakedesign (airbrush, laminator, cake steamer and many others).

The list of materials for cakedesign

If you are new to cake design, you absolutely need these utensils:

Spatulas : for cake design you will need a spatula and a flat spatula to smooth the ganache.

Smoothers for sugar paste : the smoother allows you to give a perfectly smooth appearance to your sugar paste; you will need at least two to be able to completely cover a cake.

Nozzles and piping bags : Pastry nozzles are perfect for decorating your cake designs, they are part of the essential equipment because they save you precious time and allow you to fill holes quickly. The 1M, 2D and 2A sockets are perfect for getting started.

Ganache discs and straighteners : To perfectly smooth the ganache the discs are very useful because they give a margin on which to place yourself when smoothing, the straightener will be the utensil allowing you to smooth the ganache.

The turntable : It will allow your cake to rotate on itself and thus apply the same pressure when smoothing or decorating.

Cake molds : at least two molds 10cm high and 25cm in diameter, as well as a square mold 10cm high and 25cm by 25cm, they will allow you to make most cakedesign recipes.

A non-stick rolling pin : To flatten the sugar paste, or your cake dough, you will need a non-stick rolling pin, of a reasonable size: around 30cm long minimum.

A pastry robot : An essential to save time, the pastry robot will allow you to save a lot of time during the production of your cake batters and others.

A modeling set and kitchen brushes : we offer you two modeling and brush sets bringing together the main utensils for making modeling and shapes on your cake design. Ideal for beginners.

There are other essential utensils and materials for cake design that you will find in this category, always at the best price on Autourdugâ!