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Huge selection of personalized cake toppers

The personalized cake topper is a great idea for decorating a birthday or wedding cake. In French, it's called a "dessus de gâteau" or "pic décoratif pour gâteau"; it's a motif cut out of acrylic, wood, or metal. Be sure to check the mentions regarding food contact when choosing yours.

In this category, you will find cake toppers featuring various popular birthday themes: horseback riding, video games, animals, rainbow, teddy bear... And the best part is that they are customizable with one or several words, as well as with one or several numbers. There is something for every taste and color. Imagine the surprise on your child's face when they discover their favorite character as a cake topper placed on their cake!

For some time now, you can even print a photo on one of your cake toppers, so the possibilities are endless. You can choose a family photo to celebrate a birthday, or a photo of you and your friends for a party. It's an original and personal way to make your cake even more memorable. This novelty in the world of personalized cake toppers is an exclusive!"

Personalized Cake Topper

The concept of the personalized Cake Topper

We offer you a range of personalized Cake Toppers that will allow you to decorate your cakes for festive events. Mainly made of acrylic, all you need to do is choose the model, color and first name you want to write on your custom Cake Topper. The manufacturing time is approximately 24 hours. They are of excellent quality at a low price and are made in France.

In the big family of customizables you will find customizable edible photos on Autourdugâteau!

Cake Topper Birthday First Name

Are you celebrating your birthday or that of your child and want to add a personal touch to the cake? Choose from our many customizable Cake Toppers.

There are different models, customizable with a first name for example. They are available in different colors, 18 in total. The glittery gold cake topper is one of our customers' favorites with the black topper, but you can opt for one of the other colors of personalized toppers that we put at your disposal, namely: pink, blue, red, yellow ,purple,green,white,orange,rose gold mirror,gold mirror.

It is simply placed on your cake alongside the birthday candles !

Customizable Wedding Cake Topper

Your wedding is coming and you want your Wedding Cake to be perfect? Personalize your wedding cake or wedding cake with a personalized wedding Cake Topper. Different models are available in black, gold, pink, silver... You can personalize it with your name, your first name or even with the initials of your loved ones.

You can also keep this cake decoration as a souvenir of your wedding, the toppers are not edible unlike your wedding cake!

You can also combine the use of a topper with sugar flowers , very popular for decorating a wedding cake.

Original Baptism and Baby Shower Cake Topper

Is your child's baptism approaching or would you like to announce the first name of your future child in an original way during your Baby Shower? Find among our personalized Cake Toppers, blue or pink Baptism Cake Toppers decorated with a pretty Stork.

For all events, the cake topper to personalize is the original cake decoration element that surprises everyone, in cake design it is often used to finalize the decoration of a sugar paste cake.

You can also complete your baby shower cake decoration with boy and girl figurines , to place directly on the dessert.

Personalized toppers with a theme

In this category you will find dozens of types of customizable cake toppers , a good number of these decorations are for particular cake themes. For example you will find some with motorcycles and cars for motor sports enthusiasts, if your child is a dinosaur fan you will find tyrannosaurus or triceratops toppers on this page!

We also sell personalized cake toppers with cartoon themes, such as Paw Patrol, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Frozen, Mario and many other key themes from 21st century films and cartoons.

In short, you will find customizable toppers on almost all existing themes on Autour du cake.

Other types of cake topper

Another way to decorate your cake: the customizable face topper! It's the same principle as a cake topper except that you stick it on the front of the cake.

At arounddugateau you will find customizable face toppers in several colors: pink, white, gold, etc. with the possibility of adding sequins or rhinestones. Go to our face topper category.

How to personalize your cake topper?

To personalize a cake topper it's very simple, you have to go to one of our customizable toppers and enter your personalization in the box provided for this purpose.

You will have a live font preview to make sure the customization is what you want.

As soon as your order is confirmed, we get to work and do everything we can to deliver the cake topper to you as quickly as possible. It generally takes one day to produce your decoration.

If you don't want to personalize your toppers, you can find some in the non-customizable cake topper category.

How to use it ?

Using a cake topper is very simple, cakedesign is an art that requires technique, with these decorations you don't need any special skills!

Simply unwrap it and place the topper on the top of your cake. Be careful not to leave it when you cut the cake, so as not to damage it.

You will need to be careful when handling the topper since it can be fragile depending on the model. Also, don't leave it in direct contact with the sun for too long, its colors could fade.

Our personalized cake toppers are made mainly from acrylic, we deliver them in 24 to 48 hours depending on production time. This material can be very fragile, so we pack it in the most secure way: with bubble wrap.

Where to buy a personalized cake topper?

At Autourdugâ of course! We are specialists in all the materials and ingredients to create and decorate a cake design, so look no further, we offer more than a hundred customizable cake toppers ! The most important thing is the price, our products are at the forefront of quality and we guarantee fast delivery, all for a very competitive price!

Our cutting and printing technique on acrylic for personalized cake toppers is proven and its effectiveness is no longer proven, we deliver dozens of these decorations every day all over the world!