Sugar paste modeling tools

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Easily model your sugar paste with these tools.

To shape characters, animals, or decorations in sugar paste, our shop offers you high-quality tools to make your task easier.

Whether it's creating a flower, putting a smile on a sugar paste sheep, brushes for adding colored particles to a cake, and many other modeling tools to bring all your modeling projects to life!

Sugar paste modeling tools

Modeling tools for sugar paste

Cake Design requires significant work with the sugar paste. It is used to cover your pastries but also to make modeling to decorate your cakes. To achieve quality modeling easily, equip yourself with professional cake design modeling tools in stainless steel and plastic.

Make sugar paste figurines and flowers with our utensils

Whether you are a professional or a cake design enthusiast, you need the right equipment to perfect your sugar paste work. There are a multitude of cake design tools that will allow you to model figurines representing your children's favorite characters.

You can also model faces in detail or make beautiful flowers in sugar paste, roses, orchids, peonies and many others...

The different modeling tools

It is essential to have certain tools to make your sugar paste modeling .

One of the most used is the ball tool which allows you to smooth the edges of a flower petal for example.

We also offer you tools with several heads , which we call roughing trees, you use them all the time for modeling and we sell them in kits of 8 tools.

For example, tools with a point are called scribe tools. They all allow you to refine the details of your modeling paste sculptures. NOT

You will also find in this category fine silicone brushes, blades or rollers, foam work mats, drying racks for sugar paste, or even tools such as angle pliers,

You will also find modeling molds for sugar paste on our site.

Where to buy modeling tools for sugar paste?

At Autourdugâ you will find everything you need to equip yourself with a modeling tool for sugar paste . Blades, balls, fine brushes, shovel, pick and many other tools allowing you to create magnificent edible models for your cake designs.

Always at the best price, we constantly ensure the quality of the products we offer you.