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Buy cheap cardboard cake boxes

Discover a wide selection of cardboard cake boxes to safely transport your pastries and cake designs. We offer sturdy and excellent quality boxes perfectly suited for the professional activities of pastry chefs, bakers, and caterers. Moreover, these cake transport boxes are sold at mini prices.

The cake box is an essential item in pastry making, to present and transport your creations safely. That's why you'll find them at all prices on Autourdugâ ranging from €1.59 for macaron boxes to over €70 for batches of cake boxes.

Find cake boxes for all types of pastries and for all types of events. They are available in various sizes and designs. They all have an integrated lid for safety and preservation.

Our customers' favorites are the white cardboard cake boxes in square, rectangular, or round shapes, 15 cm in height. There are also boxes that are 10, 12, 25, and up to 45 cm in height for tall cakes. You can thus transport cakes of any size with the assurance that they are protected.

Some cake boxes are ideal for layer cakes and tall cake designs, for pies, entremets, and others for small individual pastries such as cupcakes or macarons. So, you'll find cupcake boxes, macaron boxes, and more in this category!

Cake boxes

Transparent cake box for wedding, birthday, baby shower

Practical for special events: Cake boxes are ideal for events such as weddings, birthdays or company parties. They allow cakes to be transported and presented in an elegant way, while ensuring their protection during the journey.

A cake is made to be seen, the expression “You eat with your eyes first” is totally true in this case! Don't lock your cake in a totally opaque box! Cake boxes with a transparent window ensure optimal solidity while allowing the curious to feast their eyes before feasting their stomachs! We also provide you with beautiful crystal cake boxes to showcase your wedding cake, wedding cakes or birthday cake. Very trendy and solid, they will appeal to your guests or customers if you are professional.

If you want to opt for a more oriental wedding theme, we also have oriental cake boxes , colorful boxes or others with patterns. Aesthetic and practical, they will perfectly protect your sweet preparations. There is something for everyone so go for it!

Personalize a cake box

Although we offer cake boxes with patterns , especially for log boxes, you may want to personalize white boxes yourself.

For this we advise you to use large markers like Posca and draw directly on the exterior faces of the cake box. So you will be free to write messages like: 'happy birthday', 'long live the bride and groom', 'baby shower'.

Cake box compatible for food packaging

Thanks to our wide range of certified cardboard cake boxes for pastry packaging, you will be able to respect the cold chain throughout the transport of your cake.

Most of our cardboard transport boxes are made of kraft cardboard, it is a material that withstands food contact very well, in fact even if buttercream sticks to the box, it will not disintegrate. under the influence of humidity . So you can have complete confidence when changing locations of your cakes.

In addition to preserving the freshness of your cake, your pastry chef will benefit from a very professional presentation thanks to the Around the Cake cake boxes.

Keep your cakes fresh with our quality boxes

Transporting the cake can be tedious if you don't have suitable cake boxes . Placing your pastry in a box is essential if you want it to arrive safely. Also our boxes are robust and you will protect yourself against unpleasant surprises during transport.

Our cake boxes also keep your cakedesign cool , and protect it from the sun's rays and its heat, which is essential if you use sugar paste!

Carrying a heavy cake in a box

Cakes and cake designs can have a significant weight, we are thinking in particular of wedding cakes which with their several layers can quickly weigh several kilos. A simple cardboard cake box will not support the heavy weight of the pastry. This is why we offer for sale boxes with reinforced cardboard and in which a cake board or a cakedrum is integrated in order to transport the cake in complete safety!

So whether for the walls or the base of the cake box you are sure that it will easily withstand all the messes of transport or storage. No more worries if you are planning to make a wedding cake or other large cake.

How to choose the size of your cake box?

There is a simple technique for choosing the size of your cake transport box . You must correctly measure the measurements of your cake: height, width, length, then choose the measurements of your cake box accordingly.

The cake box should not be too large, otherwise the cake will move during transport. If it is too small, it will stick to the decorations of your pastry and it will be good to throw away.

The solution is therefore to take a cake box that is 2-3 cm larger than the measurements of the finished cake. So take the length, width, and height of the cake and add 2-3cm you will obtain the ideal measurements of your cake box !

Where to buy cake boxes?

On Autourdugâ, you will find a multitude of different cake boxes to transport and present your pastries and cake designs. Whether round, square, rectangular, transparent or opaque, our cake boxes ensure optimal transport and conservation when you transport your cake designs.

Always at the best price and delivered quickly, we do everything we can to guarantee you the best possible cake boxes.