Cake design essentials

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Cake design essentials

Cake design: Around the cake, your wholesaler and equipment supplier

The essentials of cake design: utensils, materials, ingredients...

If you want to get started in Cake Design or expand your equipment in baking equipment, we offer everything you need to practice this culinary art.

Cake designers mainly use sugar paste, food coloring, work mats, turntables, spatulas, cake smoothers, nozzles, etc.

We sell to professionals and individuals the essential baking equipment and ingredients necessary to create all your Cake Designs. Of excellent quality, you will find them at the best prices on our site. If you are Cake Design lovers, you are in heaven with us!

Cake design: cake decoration is a key element

It is not for nothing that Cake Design is sometimes referred to as the art of cake decorating. Everything's in the details. In addition to the expected delicious taste, the appearance must be perfect to impress your guests. Many utensils are used to cover cakes with ganache or sugar paste and tools are used to create edible decorations. We also offer ready-to-use decorations including sugar flowers, confetti, wafer decorations, etc.

Cake design: all the best brands are at Autour du cake

We strive to offer a huge variety of essential brands such as PME, Wilton, Saracino, Silkytop, Funcakes, Sweet Stamp and many others... Very popular with cake designers, you will discover PME molds to make perfect sponge cakes and others tall cakes. You will find SilkyTop sugar paste adored for its qualities and its affordable price. You can also equip yourself with Wilton cookie cutters that will last over time.

Cake Design

Cake design: A story of passion

Cake Design, also called Cake Decorating, is a culinary art whose aim is to create fabulous cakes for events, such as a birthday or a wedding, or simply for the pleasure of loved ones. As beautiful as they taste, adults love them as much as children.

Cake Design cakes are usually custom made. All themes can be considered: from your child's favorite cartoon to a country theme for a romantic ceremony. Making a designer cake means giving free rein to your imagination and using your creativity.

Create Cake Design recipes

In addition to the equipment and ingredients that we provide, we have imagined recipes and video tutorials for you to easily achieve the latest trends in Cake Design. Find on our blog all the tips for using sugar paste, advice on food coloring and information on products not to use. You will also be able to discover how to make sugar paste models and famous techniques such as the Sugar Sheet, the Fault Line cake or the Tsunami Cake.