Cake trays and bases

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Cake boards and bases

Discover our selection of cake boards and bases for transporting cakes safely!

Always of exemplary quality, the products in this category allow you to place your cakes on stylish and, above all, resistant bases! This is essential in cake design for creating heavy and multi-tiered cakes.

Several sizes and shapes are available: thick, thin, square, round, rectangular, some are even customizable. Several colors are also available, silver, gold, pink, blue, green, red, etc.

Do not confuse with cake stands, which are used to display your cakes.

Cake trays and bases

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The cake tray is essential if you want to successfully present your cake. Indeed in cake design we often need a solid base to accommodate our creation, the cake tray fulfills this function perfectly, generally made of cardboard and covered with a layer of silver aluminum they are robust and are made to withstand weights of several kilos.

The cake tray has a central importance in cake design , whether for the creation of layer cake, wedding cake or any other creation. They can even be decorated with sugar paste.

On Autourdugâ we offer you They can be covered with sugar paste decorated with an embosser, you can also use decorative ribbons to dress it up, however there are two main ones : the cakeboard and the cakedrum :

The Cake board, the thin cake board

The cake tray can also be found under the name of cakeboard, this word designates a thin cake tray. It is perfect for supporting a cake covered with sugar paste and can also be used as a support when transporting it in a cake box. You can also use them between 2 levels of a mounted piece for perfect stability, simply combine them with dowels (retaining rods).

You will find many different sizes and colors of cake boards, silver, red, gold, black, blue... We also sell cake boards in batches, since we know that cake designers use them a lot, you will find them in batches of 10 , with a quantity discount!

The Cake Drum or thick cake tray

The cake drum is relatively similar to the cake board both in its use and in its shape. The notable difference is its thickness, the cake drum is in fact made of thick and solid cardboard which can support more weight than the cake board. This type of cake tray will therefore be used more for wedding cakes or wedding cakes.

You will find the cake drums in sets of 5 on our site, always with a quantity discount. Several colors and shapes are also available.

Other cake platters

At Autour du cake, we also offer cake trays for sale other than cake drums and cake boards. You will find, for example , cake bases , or wooden logs that can be used as a cake tray. Finally, we also offer glass cake trays, for an airy and neat presentation.

Find the special cakedesign and pastry trays in the pastry rotating tray category.

How to choose your cake tray?

A few criteria come into play when you want to choose your cake board: the weight of the cake, the style you want and the number of uses you want to make of it.

Indeed, in terms of weight , if your cake tray is too thin it risks giving way under the weight of your cakedesign. Also if you plan to make a large cake, use a cakedrum or a wooden cake board instead, they will be sturdier.

Also choose your cake tray according to its style . Indeed in this category you will find cake trays in silver, gold, blue, red, green... You can also cover your cake tray with sugar paste if you cannot find the color that suits you.

Finally, do you want to be able to reuse your cake tray ? If this is the case then opt for a wooden cake board instead, in fact the cakedrum and cakeboard are very useful in cake design but can only be used once most of the time.

How to use a cake tray?

The cake tray can be used in different ways, in addition to its role as a support for your cake, they can be covered with sugar paste to become a real decorative element in your cake design. In general we use an embosser to draw directly on the cake tray thus covered with sugar paste, letters, numbers, first names and others are commonplace.

Another way to decorate it is also to circle it with a cake ribbon, this way you give the color you want to the outline of your tray.

Finally you can use markers to draw on it, an airbrush to spray paint on it or even place figurines of the same theme as your cake on the tray!