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Chocolate Pastes

Chocolate Pastes

Chocolate paste for cake decoration

Chocolate paste is an alternative to sugar paste or marzipan for covering your cakes and making edible models.

It is a white, dark or milk chocolate to which glucose syrup has been added, which changes its consistency. This addition of glucose will make it more flexible, however it will not dry out, it will remain moldable. You will be able to work with it like modeling sugar paste but not to create complex structures or cover a cake. It is an ideal product for making flower massages.

Chocolate sugar paste or plastic chocolate

Chocolate paste is also called plastic chocolate. It is worked in the same way as sugar paste. Its advantage is its taste, in fact like almond paste it offers a taste alternative to sugar paste thanks to a good chocolate taste.

However, you will have to pay attention to the modeling time and the contact time with your hands, in fact it can become quite sticky if you wait too long with your modeling. If this happens you can add a little icing sugar to your dough.

You will not be able to use it to cover a cake as we told you above, use covering sugar paste instead.

Can we color it?

Yes ! Chocolate paste colors very well, but unlike other pastes you will need to use fat-soluble coloring. Afterwards the principle remains the same as with all colorings, a few drops in the chocolate paste, a few minutes of mixing and you will have beautiful colors.

Make a massage with Saracino chocolate paste

Saracino chocolate paste is recognized in the world of cake design for its superior quality. It is mainly used to make edible sculptures which will decorate your pastries but it can also cover a cake. Its modeling paste texture is particularly ideal for creating faces down to the smallest details. With the flexible and supple chocolate paste, you can make real edible trompe l'oeil art.

We offer it in a 1 kg resealable jar for better conservation and in different colors, brown or white.