Ingredients & preparations

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Ingredients & preparations

Ingredients and preparations for cakes

This section is dedicated to the mix for cake, lace paste, isomalt, icing or even flavoring and additives (icing sugar, glucose, food glue, gelatin, agar agar, glycerin, crisco, CMC/Tylo powder) for pastry. Discover all our ingredients and ready-to-use preparations for making designer cakes and homemade pastries.

Couverture chocolate and melts to melt

Chocolate is one of the main ingredients in pastry and cake design. It is important to use quality chocolate for gourmet and delicious cakes. It can be used in different ways as a cover or to flavor a preparation. Find our selection of couverture chocolate and melting melts at

Icing, filling and cream for cake

Are you short on time to prepare your cake? Discover a wide selection of ready-to-use icings, fillings and creams for all your cakes. Our preparations will save you precious time while maintaining a delicious result. Find royal icing, ganache, buttercream or even enchanted cream to use for your decorations, filling or cupcake topping.

Ready-to-use cake mixes

Simplify your life and opt for our ready-to-use cake mixes for the preparation of your sponge cakes, brownies, donuts, Bavarians, cak, red velvet or even cupcakes... Easy and quick preparations, but as good as they are made home and which will save you considerable time.

Food flavorings

Thanks to our flavors, you can give a delicious taste to your cakes and pastries. Flavor all your preparations with a wide choice of food flavors or flavor concentrates.

Fruit coulis and pastes

Fruit coulis are ideal for your mousses, bavarian and homemade curd. They can be inserted directly into your preparation for beautiful flavors.

Culinary aids and additives

Discover our range of culinary aids for all your cakes and pastries: Crisco, food glue, food alcohol, lubricating spray, glycerin... to improve, preserve or help you in the preparation of your preparations.

Isomalt for sugar decorations

Isomalt is a sugar substitute mainly used in baking and which allows you to easily create pretty decorations and sugar subjects. Discover our pre-tempered neutral Isomalt to color with powdered food coloring.