Customized Macaron Shells

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Customized Macaron Shells

Personalized macaron shells

Want to save time when making your macarons? Discover our customizable plain macaron shells ready to be garnished.

Order personalized macaron shells online

For everyone's happiness, it is possible to order personalized macaron shells on the internet. All you have to do is choose the color and either personalize with a text or a photo. The manufacturing time is approximately 2 to 3 days. Once the food printing is done, you will receive your shells to garnish and assemble to make beautiful and original macarons.

Personalized macaroons for weddings, birthdays

At our wedding or birthday, we like to have a sweet table that matches our room decoration. Pyramids of macaroons are often present in the center of the dessert buffer. It is therefore fun to decorate them with the colors and patterns chosen for the rest. You can make the macarons romantic with illustrations of silhouettes of the bride and groom or the photo of the bride and groom. For a birthday, you can write the famous message “Happy Birthday”.

Personalized gift idea for macaron addicts

Thanks to the personalization of cases, the macaron has become a new way to send a message to loved ones. If they like classic macarons, they will love those customized by you even more. Whether it's a gift to celebrate an event or just a delicate touch to show your love, personalized macaron shells will make an impact.