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Traditional cake mold

Find in this category a wide selection of cake molds at low prices. You can find both traditional molds and original and modern molds for making your cake designs.

Among our selection of essential molds, you will find the classic round molds for making your simplest cakes. Also, discover our square and rectangular cake molds perfect for making cakes with straight edges. Finally, our sphere-shaped molds will allow you to make magnificent cakes with various shapes. From the Charlotte Royale to the football-shaped cake design, this mold will be an ally for all pastry chefs. You will also find eccentric shapes with silicone molds, a material that allows easy demolding with various shapes.

Don't forget to take a look at our springform pans, our hinged molds, or even our heart-shaped cake design molds!

Of professional quality, all our molds will be the perfect tool to equip yourself like a great cake designer. Whether aluminum, silicone, or non-stick, at you will find the cake mold you need at the best price!

Cake molds

Original cake molds

Thanks to the numerous brands that we offer on environdugâ, you will find a wide selection of extravagant and original cake molds . We select exclusively the best brands to bring you complete satisfaction, these molds will be suitable for professionals and individuals alike.

The Silikomart brand or the Pavoni brand are the best-known representatives, thanks to silicone molds with ever more incredible shapes. Usable for frozen desserts, Christmas logs or for a simple yogurt cake, these are high quality cake molds . Thanks to their special coating, unmolding your pastry is very simple.

We also suggest you buy other mold manufacturers, such as Sweet Stamp, more specialized in cake design with magnum cake molds.

You will also find in this category molds from the Wilton brand in 3D format. These molds are perfect for making magnificent embossed cakes like with the book or rugby ball cake mold .

Mold for designer cake

When it comes to making your designer cakes, no more hassle with traditional molds that are not suitable for making them. With our selection of special cake design molds , make cakes worthy of a great cake designer. In addition to making your life easier in the kitchen, they will allow you to improve your level and offer ever higher quality cakes covered with sugar paste .

Our professional molds will then be at the origin of the most beautiful layer cake, drip cake, or even nude cake. The PME aluminum molds known and recognized by cake designers allow you to obtain cakes with straight edges , sold in different heights, you will no longer need to bake 2 cakes to make a tall cake.

You will of course find all the molds necessary to make number cakes, magnum cakes, pop cakes and many other cakes emblematic of cakedesign .

Our different brands of cake molds

We always want to offer you the best when you buy from Autourdugâ, and this involves choosing the best brands whether for your cakedesign or professional pastry molds .

So you will find leading brands of cake molds : Silikomart and Pavoni known for their silicone molds, PME a big name for stainless steel molds of different shapes, the Lily Cook brand with different utensils, accessories and cake molds, the Wilton brand with 3D molds.

The list above is not exhaustive since we offer a total of 12 different brands of cake molds !

Your questions about cake pans

Choosing your cake mold can be difficult and with the multitude of types that you can find online we will give you a hand in choosing it. You will also find questions and questions about their use.

How to measure a cake pan?

To measure a round cake pan : take its radius and multiply it by 2 to obtain its diameter. If you want to obtain its air to know its volume, multiply the diameter by 3.14.

For the rectangle or square cake pan : For the sides it's simple, just measure each side with a ruler. For the area, you must multiply the length by the width (for the rectangle), if your mold measures 30cm wide by 40cm long you will need to make 30cmx40cm = 1200cm². For the square mold you will have to do side by side, so for example: 25cmx25cm = 625cm².

You now know how to measure the area and diameter of your cake pans.

How to choose the material for your cake mold?

Whether they are silicone, aluminum, stainless steel or glass, you should take some precautions before using your mold . For example, a silicone mold will go in the dishwasher but a tinplate mold will not. You can use a ceramic mold for the oven or freezer but not a steel mold.

If you are looking for flexibility in the use of your mold, choose one of our many silicone molds , they allow perfect cooking in the oven, but can also be used in the freezer.

If you are looking for a mold for even and diffuse cooking , use a stainless steel mold instead. They will also make unmolding easier thanks to a non-stick coating.

Cake molds are available in several materials and it can be complicated to navigate. Before choosing yours in one of our categories we advise you to read our guide to choosing your cake mold .

How to successfully unmold with our cake molds?

Our cake molds are mostly equipped with a non-stick coating . However, over time this coating wears away and the cake batter may stick to the mold. This is why you must use a lubricating spray to guarantee perfect release. That's good, we sell them on Around the cake, all you need is a few sprays at the bottom of the mold (silicone or stainless steel) to make sure the dough doesn't stick.

How to take care of your cake pan?

We offer you the best brands of cake and pastry molds for sale, but like all kitchen utensils, cake molds age and end up no longer being as effective. Also here are some tips to give your mold the longest possible lifespan.

Clean it after each use: Clean your cake pan thoroughly with hot water and dishwashing liquid. Rub with an abrasive-free sponge and remove each piece of dough remaining at the bottom of the mold.

Store your cake mold in a dry, dust-free place. Avoid stacking them on top of each other, as this can scratch them, especially for stainless steel molds.

Do not use sharp or pointed objects to cut the cake from the pan. Instead, use a silicone spatula to unmold it.

For metal molds, you can put them in the oven at 200°C for around 10 minutes to remove grease and cake residue.

How to grease a cake pan?

Before pouring your preparation into the cake mold, it is important to grease it well to prevent the cake from sticking.

You can use butter, oil or margarine to grease the mold. You will also find non-stick spray on our site for quick and easy lubrication. Regardless of the fat you choose, apply a thin layer of fat to the entire surface of the cake pan, either using a kitchen brush, a paper towel or a clean tea towel.

How to store cake pans to keep them in good condition?

If, like us, you have countless cake tins in the cupboard, you are probably wondering how to store them.

To store your cake molds and keep them in the best condition, they must be well cleaned and dried, you can stack them or store them on a shelf or in a drawer. If you stack them, put a sheet of parchment or wax paper between each mold to prevent them from scratching each other. Avoid storing cake molds in humid or hot places, as this can damage them and alter their quality and the material they are made from.

Does cake pan color affect baking?

This is a bit of a crazy question that a client asked us, but after some research it's worth exploring. In fact, the color of your cake mold will affect your baking. A black plate left in the sun stores more heat than a white plate, and it's the same for mussels.

So a black cake pan will bake your cake faster than a gray cake pan. For example if you bake a cookie, it will be softer with the gray color, for a sponge cake, it will be darker in a black mold, finally for a brownie, it will be softer with a gray cake mold.