Cupcake decorations

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Cupcake decorations

The cupcake and the muffin are small cakes that we love to personalize. Find all the cupcake decorations on

If you want your cupcakes to make a good impression you have to decorate them. This is why we offer you a multitude of decorations for cupcakes, whether edible or not, you will surely find something to make your individual pastry unforgettable.

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The different decorations for cupcakes and muffins

The cupcake and muffin can be plain, chocolate or fruit. Either way, it's super fun and easy to decorate them to fit the theme of your birthday or baby shower. There are a multitude of cupcake decorations.

The icing topping

The main decoration of the cupcake is obviously its topping, but if you know it, it is this cream part which tops the cupcake biscuit. It is applied using a piping bag and a round or fluted nozzle, you can give it the shape you want and give free rein to your imagination. Don't forget that your icing can be colored, with gel coloring for example.

Sprinkles for cupcakes

In other cupcake decorations, you can then sprinkle the cupcake with sprinkles or sugar pearls to make your individual cake shine. These little sugar decorations are perfect to match the theme of your cupcake, you will find them in all colors and shapes.

To place them, nothing could be simpler, just sprinkle them on top of the topping and they will stick to the topping, a simple way to decorate a cupcake.

Wafer discs for cupcakes

As an edible decoration for larger cupcakes, we offer edible wafer discs! With a diameter of 5cm, these small edible discs can also be personalized with a photo or text! Many themes are offered on Around the Cake.

To stick them, you either need to place them directly on the topping or use sugar paste to make a more solid base.

Cupcake toppers

These are small decorative figures or picks that are used to decorate cupcakes. In wood, PVC or metal, some are customizable. A very simple cupcake decoration to use since you just need to plant it in the pastry.

Whether your theme is a unicorn or jungle birthday you will find the cupcake topper you need.

The importance of decorating the cupcake or muffin for a birthday

The cupcake or muffin is an integral part of a birthday decoration these days. It is very often present in the center of a Sweet Table or a Candy Bar enthroned on its cupcake display .

It is customized according to the birthday theme. The best thing is that it goes well with other pastries such as biscuits, magnum cake and cake pops.

We offer different themed cupcake or muffin decorations, mainly on the magical world of the unicorn, on children's favorite characters like Frozen or on jungle animals, etc.

Personalizing cupcakes for weddings, Christmas, Halloween…

The cupcake is not only the star of the birthday but also of other family events such as a wedding or a baby shower.

We notably have romantic flower decorations, hearts but also pink or blue baby decorations. For a calendar event like Christmas or Halloween, we also have everything you need to transform your cupcake into a Christmas tree or a terrifying spider.