Special Diets

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Special Diets

Products and ingredients for Halal, Kosher, vegetarian or gluten-free pastries

Do you have a special diet? Autour du cake aims to make cake design accessible to all, thanks to a large number of products accessible to special diets: kosher , halal , vegetarian or even gluten- free .

Halal certified pastry ingredients and products

Find all our Halal certified pastry products, ingredients and cake decorations. A wide range of Halal sugar paste, Halal food colors and other Halal cake ingredients and mixes.

Kosher certified pastry ingredients and products

Around the cake, offers a wide range of pastry products for Kosher designer cakes. All our products have a Kosher certification or certification stamp. Kosher sugar paste, kosher cake decorations, kosher chocolate, icing and other Kosher preparations find everything you need for designer cakes adapted to your diet.

Ingredients and pastry products Vegetarian

If you have a vegetarian diet, find all our suitable products without limiting your creative possibilities for your designer cakes. Vegetarian sugar paste, markers and food colorings or even decoration and food flavorings for cakes. You too will find everything you need.

Gluten-free ingredients and pastry products

We offer a range of products for people with gluten intolerance: discover our gluten-free sugar pastes, gluten-free food colorings, gluten-free matzo, gluten-free edible subjects in order to make your most beautiful designer cakes using ingredients adapted to your needs. food specificity.

Whatever your eating habits, discover a wide range of designer pastry and cake products at low prices at Autour du cake.